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E16: Jamila Cowan on Dell's Sustainability and ESG Competency for Partners
Podcast: How is Dell Technologies engaging customers and partners on the sustainability front?Jamila Cowan, director, customer & regional sustainability & ESG, offers these perspectives.
E14: IBM VP Kendra DeKeyrel on Sustainability and Carbon Accounting Software Trends
Podcast: How is IBM assisting customers with their sustainability strategies, and where do partners fit into those efforts? Kendra DeKeyrel, VP of ESG & asset management product leader for IBM Sustainability Software, offers timely perspectives.
E15: Greenly CEO Alexis Normand on Series B Funding, Carbon Accounting Software Expansion
Podcast: Greenly CEO Alexis Normand explains $52 million in Series B funding & next moves for the startup carbon accounting software company.
E13: Johnson Controls VP & CTO Vijay Sankaran Describes Smart Buildings of the Future
Podcast: How will cloud services, AI-enabled autonomous capabilities and data management enable smart buildings of the future? Vijay Sankaran, VP and CTO at Johnson Controls, offers perspectives and guidance.
E12: Iron Mountain Executive VP and GM Mark Kidd on Sustainable Data Centers, ALM and ITAD
Podcast: Key trends in IT asset lifecycle management (ALM), IT asset disposition (ITAD) and sustainable data centers, according to Iron Mountain's Mark Kidd.
Logicalis CTO Toby Alcock
E11: Logicalis CTO Toby Alcock on Managed Sustainability Services
Podcast: How Logicalis evolved its managed IT services to include sustainability services for customers. Logicalis CTO Toby Alcock provides real-world MSP answers.
E10: Schneider Electric Senior VP Bala Vinayagam on Microgrids and Energy as a Service
Podcast: How partners and customers can leverage microgrids and energy as a service, according to Bala Vinayagam, senior VP from Schneider Electric.
E9: Sage Executive VP Elisa Moscolin on SMB Sustainability Strategies and Priorities
Podcast: How small & midsize businesses (SMBs) & partners can begin the journey to sustainability, according to Elisa Moscolin, Executive VP of Sustainability and Foundation at Sage.
E8: Cisco VP Andrew Sage on Sustainability Partner Opportunities
Podcast: How channel partners, IT service providers & MSPs can capitalize on sustainability opportunities, according to Cisco VP Andrew Sage.
E7: EPX Technical Services CEO Daniel Ellis Explains MSP, EV Charging & IT Power Management Strategy
Podcast: MSP owner Daniel Ellis explains how he has pushed into such markets as electric vehicle (EV) charging stations & software to help reduce tech energy consumption.
E6: Carbon Neutral Apple Watch Claims, Sustainability Reality Check for Tech Industry Supply Chains
Is the carbon neutral Apple Watch legitimate or greenwashing? And is the technology industry making progress with supply chain sustainability? Professor Ayman Omar from the Kogod School of Business offers insights in this podcast.
E5: Budderfly CEO Al Subbloie on Building Energy Management and HVAC Sustainability Trends
Budderfly CEO Al Subbloie describes energy as a service strategy to help restaurant chains and other types of businesses become more energy efficient.
E4: New EcoOnline CEO Tom Goodmanson on Building an ESG and EHS Software Platform
New EcoOnline CEO Tom Goodmanson describes what attracted to him to the ESG & EHS software provider, and his vision for the SaaS platform software provider.
E3: BrainBox AI CEO Sam Ramadori Describes Autonomous Technology for Building Energy Efficiency
BrainBox AI CEO Sam Ramadori describes how autonomous artificial intelligence software optimize existing Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial buildings.
E2: Schneider Electric's Robert Bunger on Data Center Sustainability Strategies
How can data center operators & their partners navigate a path toward sustainability? Robert Bunger, from Schneider Electric's Office of the CTO, offers this guidance.
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