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E12: Iron Mountain Executive VP and GM Mark Kidd on Sustainable Data Centers, ALM and ITAD

February 12, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

What are the latest trends involving sustainable data centers, asset lifecycle management (ALM) and IT asset disposition (ITAD)? Mark Kidd, executive VP and general manager of Iron Mountain data centers & asset lifecycle management, offers his perspectives in this Sustainable Tech Partner podcast (Episode 12).

Iron Mountain, founded in 1951 and based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in information management, storage, data center infrastructure, and asset lifecycle management. An associated partner program serves channel partners, real estate brokers and strategic alliances. Example alliances typically involve environmental, hardware, software and interconnection businesses.

Our conversation occurred a few days after Iron Mountain completed the Regency Technologies acquisition.

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The podcast conversation covers:

  • (0:00) - Overview
  • (0:30) - Why Kidd is splitting time between the United States and Europe.
  • (1:40) - Kidd's role at the company
  • (3:00) - Managing the Iron Mountain Data Center business -- the evolution over the past decade.
  • (5:30) - The transition to green power for data centers.
  • (6:45) - A closer look at sourcing renewable energy for data centers.
  • (8:30) - Getting started with renewable energy in Europe and North America: Background on the journey.
  • (9:46) - Where Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) fits into the conversation.
  • (11:15) - Why Iron Mountain acquired ITRenew in 2022.
  • (13:00) - Can ALM scale from on-premises and remote devices to hyperscale cloud infrastructure? Perspectives on end-to-end approaches.
  • (15:00) - Key ALM trends from 2023: A recap.
  • (17:15) - What partners and customers are saying about reuse and refurbishment of IT equipment.
  • (19:32) - Why Iron Mountain acquired Regency Technologies: Recycling, refurbishment, consumer retail and e-waste trends for 2024. (Note: The acquisition was completed in January 2024.)
  • (22:40) - Do interest rates (rising or falling) impact the ALM market?
  • (23:53) - Iron Mountain's partner strategy for ALM.
  • (25:20) - More trends for 2024: What to expect for ALM, IT Asset Disposition, Circularity and more.
  • (29:26) - Recap: Kidd's journey and his view of the ALM business so far.
  • (30:49) - How to get more information: IronMountain.com sections on ALM and Data Center pages
  • (31:50) - Conclusion

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