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Government Regulations for ESG & Sustainability

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COP28 News: United Nations Climate Conference, Everything You Need to Know
COP28 news involving Green IT services, SMB sustainability, Atos, Kyndryl, NEC, Sage, Schneider Electric, Linux Foundation, NZDPU climate data sharing platform & more.
How to Prepare for CSRD: 5 Steps to Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Success
How businesses can prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by the January 1, 2024 deadline, according to PwC.
Are Companies Ready for EU CSRD Regulation? Business Survey Says...
Many businesses aren't prepared for the European Union CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), Lefebvre Sarrut research finds.
California Carbon Emissions Law: SB 253 May Impact IT Service Providers, Consultancies
California's SB 253 carbon emissions legislation, which Governor Newsom signed into law, could impact any size IT service provider located anywhere in the world -- if the IT partner does business with large companies in California.
ESG Regulations Drive "Generational Opportunity" and Partner Wins, Workiva Software CEO Asserts
New & impending ESG regulations across the U.S. & Europe drive non-financial & financial reporting convergence, Workiva CEO Julie Iskow asserts.
Sustainability News for Technology Partners
Global Sustainability Reporting Standards: Signs of Worldwide Progress
Stock exchange regulators worldwide are marching toward sustainability reporting standards. Follow these SEC, IOSCO & ISSB climate reporting updates.
SEC Climate Disclosure Regulations: Why Technology Partners Should Care
SEC climate disclosure regulations may arrive in October 2023. Here's how Scope 1, 2 & 3 disclosure regulations may impact technology partners.
SEC Climate Disclosure Regulations and Sustainability
SEC Climate Disclosure Policy: How to Manage the Challenges
Capgemini worked with the Wharton School’s Venture Lab to investigate the impact of the SEC’s climate-disclosure policy on organizations. Here are key takeaways.
Pending SEC Climate Rule: 4 Steps Toward Reporting That You Can Take Now
Before the SEC climate rule is finalized, you can (1) build your company’s GHG emissions inventory, (2) engage with internal finance and audit teams, (3) aligning with TCFD recommendations, and (4) establish governance. Ernst & Young explains how.
Nature Reporting Regulations: What's Next In the UK?
The UK Government has committed to halting and reversing global biodiversity loss and land degradation by 2030. Here's how sustainability reporting regulations could evolve, according to PwC's Rona Nairn.
Workiva Financial Results Reinforce ESG Software Momentum, Despite U.S. Political Debate
Workiva quarterly financial results & upbeat statements from CEO Julie Iskow suggest ESG software demand remains strong despite U.S. ESG political debate.
SEC Climate Disclosure Regulations and Sustainability
Chief Accounting Officers Prepare for Proposed SEC ESG Reporting Rules; Scope 3 Disclosure Challenges Loom
Financial executives -- facing potential SEC reporting mandates -- build ESG reporting ecosystem, but Scope 3 disclosure challenges loom, according to Persefoni & FERF (Financial Education & Research Foundation) research.
U.S. Government Contractors, IT Partners Face Potential Carbon Emissions Disclosure Regulations
Proposed Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3 disclosure regulations may impact government contractors & IT consulting firms in the following ways, Persefoni research said.
Net-Zero Government Building Projects May Give HVAC, Architects, IoT Technology Partners a Boost
The U.S. government plans to spend $250 million to help federal agencies implement net-zero building projects. Here are the potential winners.
What Is the European Union Net-Zero Industry Act? Five Things to Know
Net-Zero Industry Act seeks to accelerate European Union's manufacturing of clean technologies & associated shift to renewable energy. But some critics raise questions and concerns.
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