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Our Mission

We are the global voice of green IT service providers. We empower technology partners & their customers to achieve & maintain their sustainability goals.

Our Community: Who We Serve

  • Green IT service providers & technology partners who serve chief sustainability officers (CSOs), executives and net-zero strategists worldwide.
  • Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs), executives and organizations seeking technology partners that enable sustainability.

Our Commitment to Readers and Sponsors

We focus on these five priorities to fulfill our mission:

  1. Content Development: Our searchable databases, news, research and analysis guide technology partners and their clientele as they navigate sustainability mandates, net-zero requirements, associated business and technology challenges, and revenue opportunities. We cover the accelerating convergence of cloud services, IT infrastructure, operational technology, renewable energy, smart grids, power management & decarbonization solutions.
  2. Community Engagement: Our platform empowers sustainability partners, consultants, technology vendors and chief sustainability officers to find and engage one another in a quest to deploy sustainable technology solutions.
  3. Hiring and Mentoring*: We seek to recruit, train & mentor digital media journalists -- from all backgrounds -- to cover sustainability issues. (*2024)
  4. Critical Thinking: We strive to avoid greenwashing. Instead, we document the enormous hurdles that technology partners and their customers must overcome amid the arduous journey toward net-zero carbon emissions.
  5. Diverse Viewpoints: We seek to avoid echo chambers that may increase social and political polarization. For instance, we don't see green technology companies as "all good" and fossil fuel companies as "all bad." We understand every energy & technology development has associated pros and cons, and seek to share those diverse perspectives.

Who Owns Sustainable Technology Partner

We are backed by Mentore Ventures, which enables business journeys of a lifetime. At Mentore Ventures, we fund, launch, build and advise a new generation of technology businesses & digital media startups – and the world-class entrepreneurs behind them. 

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