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Sustainability and Green IT Research

Carbon Footprint Management Systems: Market Forecast
Here's the spending forecast & CAGR for carbon footprint management systems and software, according to Business Research Company.
Sustainability News for Technology Partners
Green Technology and Sustainability Market Forecast
The global Green Technology and Sustainability market forecast includes this compound annual growth rate (CAGR).
Five Steps to Improving Scope 3 Emissions Visibility for Supply Chain Sustainability
How companies can gain Scope 3 emissions visibility in a push toward global supply chain sustainability, according to Accenture.
Robert Lee CTO Pure Storage
AI and Data Center Energy Consumption: Pure Storage, Wakefield Research, Gartner Findings
CIOs & IT service providers need to reassess data infrastructures to leverage AI without triggering runaway data center energy costs, Pure Storage and Wakefield Research find.
How Many Companies Have Chief Sustainability Officers?
Sustainability is becoming a bigger business priority, but fewer than 20% of organizations have a dedicated chief sustainability officer, Boyden survey finds.
What Is Green Software Development and Maintenance? 10 Things to Know
Green Software Foundation research reveals current green software development trends, challenges, priorities and more.
Sustainability in Africa: PwC ESG Research Findings
Only 50% of sub-Saharan African companies surveyed are working on or have implemented a data-driven, enterprise-level strategy for reducing emissions and mitigating climate risks, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Africa research finds.
Why CIOs Need Green IT Service Providers, Sustainable Technology Partners
CIOs (chief information officers) need savvy technology partners to meet and maintain sustainability goals. Here's why.
Net Zero Strategies for Small Businesses: Five Steps to Success
Small businesses gain sustainability tips from Lloyds Bank, which wrote "From Now to Net Zero: A Practical Guide for SMEs."
Are Companies Ready for EU CSRD Regulation? Business Survey Says...
Many businesses aren't prepared for the European Union CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), Lefebvre Sarrut research finds.
Climate Tech Investing Falls 40%, But Holds Up Better Than Overall Funding Market, PwC Research Finds
Venture capital & private equity investments in climate tech startups declined sharply in 2023, but there are some bright spots to note, PwC research finds.
Gartner: Sustainable Technology Ranks Among Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024
CIOs must ensure that IT becomes more efficient, circular and sustainable, Gartner says in Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends list for 2024.
Will RMM, IT Monitoring Software Extend to Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Monitoring?
Demand for GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) monitoring software is surging. Will IT monitoring & RMM (remote monitoring & management) software evolve accordingly?
MSPs Should Explore Sustainability and Green IT Services, Cisco and Canalys Research Finds
MSPs should explore ways to offer sustainability & green IT services to their customers, Canalys & Cisco Systems research suggests.
What is the State of IT Environmental Sustainability and IT Carbon Emissions in 2023?
IT leaders play a critical role in corporate sustainability agendas, including decisions about data centers, cloud adoption, enterprise architecture sustainability, end-user-device decarbonization, services & environmental monitoring software, Forrester Research explains.
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