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Technology's Role in ESG Reporting and Assurance
How is technology evolving ESG reporting, audit, assurance and the way assurers work? KPMG offers these perspectives.
Sustainable Engineering Explained: Examples and Trends to Note
What are the key trends involving sustainable engineering? HCLTech's Mousume Roy offers examples spanning green IT services, energy, supply chains and more.
What Is the Blue Economy? Challenges and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Opportunities Explained
Artificial intelligence (AI) applications may protect and enhance the Blue Economy -- spanning industries related to oceans, seas and coasts, Cognizant asserts.
How Climate Change, COVID and Supply Chain Shocks Fuel Location Intelligence Investments
The State Of Location Intelligence, a Forrester report, explains how weather crises, human-made conflicts & and the pandemic drive LI investments.
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Green IT Services

ManageEngine President Touts IT Monitoring Software, RMM for Sustainable Energy Management
ManageEngine President Rajesh Ganesan describes how IT monitoring software and IT services can support sustainability goals & future-proof organizations.
AI Enhances Refurbished Device Market: Lenovo, 3stepIT, Aixia Each Tout Milestones
PC companies & circular technology businesses -- including Lenovo, 3stepIT & Aixia -- leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance various refurbished laptop & device initiatives.
Apple Sustainability News, Milestones, Partnerships and Net Zero Timeline
Apple sustainability strategy, net-zero carbon emissions goals, carbon neutral Apple Watch details, and statements from VP Lisa Jackson.
HPE CEO Antonio Neri
HPE CEO Touts Direct Liquid Cooling Technology for AI Data Centers, Nvidia Blackwell GPUs
HPE CEO Antonio Neri touts direct liquid cooling technology for AI data centers and Nvidia Blackwell GPUs. Here's why.
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  • Sustainable AI

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk
    Tesla AI Strategy: Elon Musk on FSD, Optimus Robots, Dojo Supercomputer
    How is Tesla's AI team developing Optimus humanoid robots & Dojo supercomputers with human sustainability in mind? Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers clues.
    Generative AI Lawsuits Timeline: Legal Cases vs. OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, Nvidia and More
    A list of copyright lawsuits vs. ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia, Anthropic, Midjourney, Stability AI, DeviantArt & generative AI software businesses. Plus, a timeline of content licensing deals involving generative AI training models.
    AI Enhances Refurbished Device Market: Lenovo, 3stepIT, Aixia Each Tout Milestones
    PC companies & circular technology businesses -- including Lenovo, 3stepIT & Aixia -- leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance various refurbished laptop & device initiatives.
    Apple CEO Tim Cook
    Apple Intelligence: Belated AI Announcement Lacks Sustainability Focus, Triggers Elon Musk Criticism
    Late to the generative AI market, Apple Intelligence beta testing will start in fall 2024. Apple CEO Tim Cook did not mention AI energy efficiency or sustainability opportunities.
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    E16: Jamila Cowan on Dell's Sustainability and ESG Competency for Partners
    Podcast: How is Dell Technologies engaging customers and partners on the sustainability front?Jamila Cowan, director, customer & regional sustainability & ESG, offers these perspectives.
    E14: IBM VP Kendra DeKeyrel on Sustainability and Carbon Accounting Software Trends
    Podcast: How is IBM assisting customers with their sustainability strategies, and where do partners fit into those efforts? Kendra DeKeyrel, VP of ESG & asset management product leader for IBM Sustainability Software, offers timely perspectives.
    E15: Greenly CEO Alexis Normand on Series B Funding, Carbon Accounting Software Expansion
    Podcast: Greenly CEO Alexis Normand explains $52 million in Series B funding & next moves for the startup carbon accounting software company.
    E13: Johnson Controls VP & CTO Vijay Sankaran Describes Smart Buildings of the Future
    Podcast: How will cloud services, AI-enabled autonomous capabilities and data management enable smart buildings of the future? Vijay Sankaran, VP and CTO at Johnson Controls, offers perspectives and guidance.
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    Chief Sustainability Officers

    Google Sustainability News, Milestones, Cloud Partnerships and Net Zero Timeline
    Google sustainability strategy, cloud software developments, investments, green IT consulting partners & net-zero carbon emissions commitments.
    Patrizia Promotes Edward Pugh to Head of Sustainability: 5 Things to Know
    Real estate & infrastructure asset management firm Patrizia promotes Edward Pugh from director to head of sustainability. Pugh's new role surfaces within larger Patrizia ESG team announcement.
    Bloomberg Radio Studio
    Bloomberg Hires Amy Springsteel as Chief Sustainability Officer: 4 Things to Know
    Media and financial data provider Bloomberg has hired BNY Mellon veteran Amy Springsteel as chief sustainability officer (CSO), according to CEO Mike Bloomberg.
    Chief Sustainability Officers List: 694 CSOs to Know
    Our database of chief sustainability officers, typically updated daily, now spans 694 CSOs. Additions include chief sustainability officers from companies, universities & government agencies worldwide.
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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    M&A: Sustainability Consultancy ERM Acquires Climate Risk, Energy Transition Firm Energetics
    Sustainability consultancy ERM, backed by private equity firm KKR, acquires Energetics, a climate risk & energy transition consultancy in Australia.
    M&A: Sustainable Building Specialist BrainBox AI Acquires Turntide Technologies' Automation Division
    BrainBox AI, which develops cloud-based, autonomous technology to make commercial buildings smarter, greener & more energy efficient, acquires the Automation Division of Turntide Technologies. Here's why.
    Software Investor Hg Acquires Audit, Risk and ESG Cloud Company AuditBoard
    European software investor Hg acquires AuditBoard for $3 billion+. AuditBoard develops a cloud-based platform for audit, risk, ESG and InfoSec management.
    No M&A: Schneider Electric Won't Acquire Bentley Systems
    Schneider Electric and Bentley Systems end M&A discussions involving sustainable infrastructure, digital twin software and more.
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    Sustainability Events: Conference Calendar

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