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Green Hydrogen Certification: Where Does Blockchain Fit In?
Green Hydrogen, leveraging blockchain for a tamper-free certification process, can become an acceptable source of sustainable green energy.
Can Businesses Adopt Sustainable Ecommerce Practices at Scale?
With the rising number of online retailers, there’s an urgent need for sustainable practices as CO2 emissions are forecast to reach 25 million metric tons due to logistics alone
Understanding GreenOps, FinOps, And Sustainable Cloud Services: The Path Forward
How organizations can leverage GreenOps, FinOps, cloud services and other steps toward sustainability, according to Forrester Research.
Climate Risk Management: Don't Overlook Geospacial Data
Climate risks will always be a reality, but businesses now have the tools they need to monitor and predict problems and build plans for addressing them, Capgemini asserts.
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Green IT Services

Question Mark Green Technology
Are Sustainable IT Services a Priority? CIO, CEO and IT Professional Viewpoints Vary
Is the shift to sustainable IT services a priority? The answer varies based on whether you ask a CEO, CIO or IT professional, research reveals.
Apple Sustainability News, Milestones, Partnerships and Net Zero Timeline
Apple sustainability strategy, net-zero carbon emissions goals, carbon neutral Apple Watch details, and statements from VP Lisa Jackson.
Microsoft offices and logo
Microsoft 2024 Partners of the Year: Where Sustainability Services Fit In
Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards for sustainability honor EY (Ernst & Young, winner) and finalists such as BDO Digital, Fellowmind & Kin+Carta in 2024. Here's why.
CIOs Explore Sustainability Strategies: 7 Logicalis Research Findings to Know
How are chief information officers (CIOs) managing sustainability opportunities & challenges? CIO research from global MSP Logicalis & Vanson Bourne offers sustainability perspectives.
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  • Sustainable AI

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk
    Tesla AI Strategy: Elon Musk on FSD, Optimus Robots, Dojo Supercomputer
    How is Tesla's AI team developing Optimus humanoid robots & Dojo supercomputers with human sustainability in mind? Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers clues.
    Generative AI Lawsuits Timeline: Legal Cases vs. OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, Nvidia and More
    A list of copyright lawsuits vs. ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia, Anthropic, Midjourney, Stability AI, DeviantArt & generative AI software businesses. Plus, a timeline of content licensing deals involving generative AI training models.
    OpenAI Acquires Rockset
    OpenAI Buys Rockset; AI Search and Analytics Database May Enhance Sustainability Applications
    OpenAI acquires Elasticsearch alternative Rockset, an in-app search and analytics database startup that has sustainability and climate-tech use cases.
    Sustainability, ClimateTech Startup CuspAI Unveils AI Dream Team, Raises $30 Million
    CuspAI, formed by Microsoft, Qualcomm & Google veterans, raises $30 million & partners with Facebook parent Meta. "Godfather of AI" named advisor.
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    E16: Jamila Cowan on Dell's Sustainability and ESG Competency for Partners
    Podcast: How is Dell Technologies engaging customers and partners on the sustainability front?Jamila Cowan, director, customer & regional sustainability & ESG, offers these perspectives.
    E14: IBM VP Kendra DeKeyrel on Sustainability and Carbon Accounting Software Trends
    Podcast: How is IBM assisting customers with their sustainability strategies, and where do partners fit into those efforts? Kendra DeKeyrel, VP of ESG & asset management product leader for IBM Sustainability Software, offers timely perspectives.
    E15: Greenly CEO Alexis Normand on Series B Funding, Carbon Accounting Software Expansion
    Podcast: Greenly CEO Alexis Normand explains $52 million in Series B funding & next moves for the startup carbon accounting software company.
    E13: Johnson Controls VP & CTO Vijay Sankaran Describes Smart Buildings of the Future
    Podcast: How will cloud services, AI-enabled autonomous capabilities and data management enable smart buildings of the future? Vijay Sankaran, VP and CTO at Johnson Controls, offers perspectives and guidance.
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    Chief Sustainability Officers

    Amazon and AWS Sustainability News, Milestones, Partnerships and Net Zero Timeline
    Amazon sustainability strategy, AWS cloud software developments, investments, consulting partners & net-zero carbon emissions commitments.
    Cushman & Wakefield Hires Saeka Kuno as Head of Sustainability, Japan: 7 Things to Know
    Global real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield hires Longevity Partners veteran Saeka Kuno as head of sustainability, Japan. Global Chief Sustainability Officer remains Jessica Francisco.
    Northwest Bank Names Brenda Yurick as Chief Sustainability Officer: 4 Things to Know 
    Northwest Bank Senior VP & Deputy Chief Council Brenda Yurick expands to chief sustainability officer (CSO) role, financial services firm announces.
    Chief Sustainability Officers List: 732 CSOs to Know
    Our database of chief sustainability officers, typically updated daily, now spans 732 CSOs. Additions include chief sustainability officers from companies, universities & government agencies worldwide.
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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    M&A: Accenture Acquires True North Solutions; Reinforces Hybrid Energy Consulting Strategy
    True North Solutions acquisitions reinforces Accenture hybrid energy strategy, which assists customers with sustainable IT services & operational technology (OT) services.
    M&A: EQS Group Acquires Data Legal Drive, Gains GDPR Compliance Software
    EQS Group, a sustainability software provider backed by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, acquires Data Legal Drive. EQS gains SaaS-based software that helps customers to address GDPR compliance.
    Legence For Sale or IPO? Blackstone Considers Sustainability Consultancy Options, Report Says
    Legence owner Blackstone may potentially sell or IPO the sustainability consultancy, report says. Here's what you need to know about Legence.
    M&A: Resource Innovations Acquires Clean Energy Consulting Firm Cadeo
    Resource Innovations (RI), backed by private equity firm Morgan Stanley Capital Partners, acquires clean energy consulting firm Cadeo for North American expansion.
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    Sustainability Events: Conference Calendar

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