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Generative AI Lawsuits Timeline: Legal Cases vs. OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, Nvidia and More
A list of copyright lawsuits vs. ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia, Anthropic, Midjourney, Stability AI, DeviantArt & generative AI software businesses. Plus, a timeline of content licensing deals involving generative AI training models.
CoPilot Plus AI PCs-2
What Are AI PCs, And Are They Worth the Money? Clues From Microsoft, Qualcomm and PC Partners
Microsoft, Qualcomm & PC partners unveil Copilot+ PCs to run AI-intensive applications. Dell touts energy efficiency efforts. But are AI PCs worth the money?
Nvidia AI Chips: Energy Efficiency, Data Center Sustainability and Net Zero Reality Checks
Nvidia AI chip strategy emphasizes data center scalability, energy efficiency & sustainability. But will Nvidia set net-zero deadline goal?
Microsoft Build 2024: Generative AI, Cloud for Sustainability Updates Expected
Microsoft Build 2024 conference will assist developers with generative AI strategies, and tips for ESG and sustainability data management.
Microsoft offices and logo
Microsoft Needs Partner Help to Achieve Sustainability, Scope 3 and Net Zero Goals
Microsoft reveals AI data centers don't need water for cooling. But cloud services & software company needs partner help to meet Scope 3 emission reduction goals.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Tesla AI Strategy: Elon Musk on FSD, Optimus Robots, Dojo Supercomputer
How is Tesla's AI team developing Optimus humanoid robots & Dojo supercomputers with human sustainability in mind? Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers clues.
Exowatt, Funded by Sam Altman & Katherine Boyle, Developing Renewable Energy for AI Data Centers
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Andreessen Horowitz General Partner Katherine Boyle, and multiple VCs fund Exowatt, a renewable energy startup that wants to offer cost-effective power for generative AI applications and data centers.
Salesforce Not Acquiring Informatica: Potential AI, Sustainability, ESG Software Deal Apparently Won't Happen
Salesforce & Informatica end M&A discussions. M&A deail would have had multiple AI (artificial intelligence), sustainability & ESG software implications. Here's why.
Intel headquarters
Intel Hala Point System, Loihi 2 Processor: Better AI Performance, Reduced Energy Consumption?
Intel touts long-term R&D & near-term accelerators as its chases Nvidia's hardware market dominance for running AI applications.
Google Cloud Touts Axion Processors for Energy Efficient Data Centers, AI Training Performance
Axion processors may boost Google Cloud's energy efficiency & generative AI performance while reducing Google's dependence on Nvidia.
Towards Sustainable AI: Improving the Environmental Profile of Generative Models 
As generative AI models become more complex and larger in scale, it is crucial that efforts are made to minimize their environmental impact. Here is some guidance.
Verrus CEO Nelson Abramson
Verrus, Backed by Google Parent Alphabet, Targets AI Data Center Sustainability Challenges
Verrus, backed by Google parent Alphabet, launches to solve generative AI, data center & cloud energy consumption challenges.
Generative AI and Sustainable Investing: How to Find Synergies
Here's how to leverage generative AI in sustainable investing, and how to minimize related generative AI challenges, according to Capgemini's Sreeram Yegappan.
Sage, AWS Collaborate on AI, Carbon Accounting and Sustainability Software for SMBs
Sage Earth carbon accounting software arrives on AWS Marketplace. Various AI and LLM capabilities under development for SMB customers.
Sage Copilot: Generative AI Software Seeks to Assist SMB Automation, Sustainability
Sage Copilot sounds like a promising generative AI technology to automate finance, accounting, HR & eventually sustainability tasks. But pricing & availability for certain platforms has yet to be announced.
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