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E16: Jamila Cowan on Dell's Sustainability and ESG Competency for Partners

May 17, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

How is Dell Technologies engaging customers and partners on the sustainability front? For answers and perspectives, we spoke with Jamila Cowan, director, customer & regional sustainability & ESG, Dell.

The conversation arrived at a key time. Indeed, Dell has been building a Sustainability and ESG Competency for partners. Moreover, the company has been preparing for the Dell Technologies World 2024 conference (May 20-23, Las Vegas).

With those key points in mind, the conversation covers such areas as:

  • 0:00 - Introductions - Jamila Cowan's career journey at Dell, and her most recent focus on ESG and sustainability. Corporate S
  • 1:28 - Dell's Corporate Sustainability and ESG Customer and Regional Team: Focus and details.
  • 2:20 - How Dell has been researching the market, and building a Sustainability and ESG Competency for partners.
  • 5:48 - Some details on the team: Their expertise over and above sustainability and ESG topics.
  • 8:00 - How Dell will engage partners on sustainability beyond the annual Dell Technologies 2024 conference in May 2024.
  • 9:15 - Visit the Dell partner portal for more information about the Sustainability and ESG competency for partners.
  • 10:23 - Conclusion.

Note: We recorded this interview in March 2024, and published the conversation in May 2024 just ahead of Dell Technologies World.

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