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The State Of IT Environmental Sustainability, 2023
IT leaders play a critical role in the corporate environmental sustainability agenda. Forrester Research explains why.
How Governments Use Information Technology (IT) To Shrink Their Carbon Footprints
The public sector has a mandate to lead on sustainability, and this includes their IT footprint. How can governments achieve digital growth while cutting carbon emissions? Capgemini offers guidance.
What Is the Business Value of Sustainability? (Explore Game Theory for Answers)
Here are 5 CGI recommendations based on the game-theoretic principle to help advance your sustainability journey while ensuring growth & profit.
How to Prepare for CSRD: 5 Steps to Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Success
How businesses can prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by the January 1, 2024 deadline, according to PwC.
How Can Companies Sustain Sustainability?
For sustainability to succeed, we need to adopt a triple bottom-line that involves economic, social & environmental outcomes, KPMG's Niven Huang asserts.
Heat Reuse In Data Centers: Requirements and Regulations Coming?
Heat reuse can be a great indicator of a thermo-optimized data center. Regulations will play a critical role in data center design in upcoming regions, Forrester Research asserts.
Why Hydrogen is the Future of Automotive Fuel
Hydrogen’s fuel capability position it for commercial transportation systems such as trains, heavy earth movers and ships, Capgemini asserts.
Energy Efficiency: Aligning Cost and Sustainability for Success
Energy efficiency is where cost and sustainability first meet in many industries, according to Accenture. Here's why.
Small Steps, Big Impact: The Role of Preventative Maintenance in CO2 Reduction
Leveraging a data-driven approach, strategic preventive maintenance can improve operational efficiency & reduce carbon emissions, Eptura CTO Paul Phillips asserts.
Collect, Store and Analyze ESG Data: Now Is the Time to Get the Technology Right
The challenge of collecting ESG data is only going to get bigger – not least because there’s a raft of new regulation coming down the track. It’s time to get technology on the task, say PwC’s Fiona Lehane and Kimberley Bradbury.
Understanding Sustainable Value Chain Strategies for Growth
I’m often asked if it is possible to make value chains environmentally and socially sustainable. Yes: Business use cases for sustainable value chains are gaining ground across the world, KPMG asserts.
What is the State of IT Environmental Sustainability and IT Carbon Emissions in 2023?
IT leaders play a critical role in corporate sustainability agendas, including decisions about data centers, cloud adoption, enterprise architecture sustainability, end-user-device decarbonization, services & environmental monitoring software, Forrester Research explains.
Chattanooga: The Silicon Valley of Freight, Supply Chain Logistics
This Tennessee city is uniquely positioned to extend into mobile sustainability and green technologies, Chattanooga experts say.
Blockchain: A Technology Solution for Scope 3 Emissions Data Reporting?
The use of blockchain to gather and report on Scope 3 emissions is an emerging sustainability & carbon accounting trend. KPMG explains why.
Banks Can No Longer Stall On Sustainability
Here are four steps that banks can take to ramp up sustainable finance, according to Accenture.
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