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E10: Schneider Electric Senior VP Bala Vinayagam on Microgrids and Energy as a Service

December 20, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

How can partners and customers leverage microgrids and energy as a service? Bala Vinayagam, senior VP from Schneider Electric, provides guidance and perspectives in this Sustainable Tech Partner podcast (Episode 10).

Schneider Electric is a major provider of microgrid energy technology. Microgrids are self-contained electrical networks that allow partners and customers to generate their own electricity on-site -- and to use that energy when they need it most.

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The conversation covers:

  • (0:00) - Overview.
  • (0:27) - Bala Vinayagam's role and focus at Schneider Electric.
  • (1:30) - How interest rates potentially influence energy transitions and renewable energy deployments.
  • (3:30) - Potential financial model transitions from CapEx to OpEx for energy services.
  • (6:00) - What use cases inspire customers to embrace microgrids and associated energy services?
  • (7:40) - What types of technology, business and energy partners are moving into the microgrid energy sector?
  • (10:00) - Where does Schneider Electric play in the microgrid and energy as a service markets?
  • (12:36) - Is energy as a service a CapEx or OpEx business model?
  • (14:50) - What types of microgrid and energy as a service opportunities and challenges may arise in 2024?
  • (18:11) - Are there case studies and success stories in the microgrid energy market?
  • (19:58) - Will the microgrid and energy-as-a-service shift extend from the enterprise down to small businesses and residential customers?
  • (22:15) - How to get more information from Schneider Electric.
  • (23:35) - Conclusion.

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