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Logicalis CTO Toby Alcock

E11: Logicalis CTO Toby Alcock on Managed Sustainability Services

December 20, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

How can managed IT service providers (MSPs) evolve to offer sustainability & carbon monitoring services for customers? Logicalis CTO Toby Alcock provides real-world answers from personal experiences in this Sustainable Tech Partner podcast (Episode 11).

Logicalis is a major MSP that surfaced as Cisco Systems' first Sustainability Partner of the Year in 2023. The inaugural award recognized "Logicalis' outstanding sustainability performance and success in helping customers reduce the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure across the globe," the two companies said.

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The podcast conversation covers:

  • (0:00) - Overview.
  • (0:27) - Toby Alcock's role and focus at Logicalis.
  • (1:01) - When, why and how Logicalis began to expand its managed services offerings to include sustainability services.
  • (2:57) - The Managed Digital Fabric Platform: How Environmental Impact fits into the MSP dashboard for customers.
  • (3:55) - What type of sustainability and environmental metrics does Logicalis measure and monitor for customers?
  • (5:13) - Are the early adopters for managed sustainability services located in Europe, and is there interest from customers in the United States?
  • (6:55) - Can you help customers monitor their power consumption and ultimately lower their energy consumption and associated costs?
  • (8:14) - Are MSP customers starting to demand that outsourced data centers leverage renewable energy?
  • (9:40) - Are hardware, software, cloud and distribution partners starting to add Sustainability to their channel partner, MSP partner and ecosystem partner programs? (Some examples involving Cisco and Microsoft.)
  • (11:32) - Are certain vertical markets embracing sustainability more aggressively than other vertical markets?
  • (12:25) - How the sustainability conversation will evolve in 2024 for boardrooms, IT departments and MSP partners.
  • (13:25) - eWaste reduction, IT asset disposition (ITAD), circular economy and hardware as a service (HaaS) trends: Are they accelerating?
  • (15:35) - Smart buildings: Are IT, operational technology (OT) and facilities management truly converging for sustainable management?
  • (17:38) - How to reach Toby Alcock and Logicalis for more information.
  • (18:52) - Conclusion.

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