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E7: EPX Technical Services CEO Daniel Ellis Explains MSP, EV Charging & IT Power Management Strategy

November 5, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Will MSPs owners extend beyond traditional IT services to offer energy and power management services? EPX Technical Services CEO Daniel Ellis has already done so.

In this Sustainable Tech Partner Podcast (Episode 7) -- recorded on a rooftop in Venice, Italy -- Ellis explains his early days offering managed IT services. Then he pinpoints his move into electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for hotels and other clientele. And finally, Ellis previews his latest launch -- called PC Powersave -- which involves power management software for PCs, laptops and other IT devices.

The podcast, hosted by Sustainable Tech Partner Founder & Editorial Director Joe Panettieri (that's me), identifies one of the first MSP owners in the world to be betting so heavily on multiple green IT, power management and transitional energy services.

Side note: Special thanks to Craig Fulton, an advisor at Evergreen Services Group. Sensing that Panettieri and Ellis had similar views of the IT services world, Fulton sent an unsolicited intro to Panettieri and Ellis in September 2023. Several weeks later, Panettieri and Ellis both happened to be in Venice, Italy. The result is this podcast interview.

The conversation covers:

0:00 - Introductions
1:14 - The thesis for Sustainable Tech Partner's launch
1:57 - Ellis recaps his work in the MSP market
3:22 - How Ellis personally expanded from the MSP market to the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging market. And key lessons learned.
7:10 - Will Ellis wind up competing against Tesla's Supercharger Network?
8:31 - Why Ellis is now pushing into PC and IT power management.
10:20 - Converting UK currency (pounds) to U.S. dollars: It costs about 32 pounds per month (or about US$39.60 as of Nov 5, 2023) to run a PC 24x7 in the UK. Ellis drove his PC energy consumption down to 8 pounds per month (or roughly US$9.90 per month)
11:52 - Will MSP quarterly business reviews (QBRs) eventually gain power management, power consumption and power cost reduction line items?
12:51 - Extending from PC and laptop power management to additional IT infrastructure - what's next? 14:17 - Special thanks to Evergreen Services Group Advisor Craig Fulton -- who introduced Panettieri and Ellis to one another.
15:27 - Conclusion

Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube.
Intro and Closing Music Credit - Joe Panettieri (son)

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