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Cisco MSP Partner Logicalis Further Touts Sustainable IT Services

March 20, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

Logicalis, a major managed IT services provider (MSP), is the first partner globally to achieve Cisco’s Sustainable Campus Access add-on specialization, the companies said.

The effort has involved extensive R&D. Indeed, Logicalis has built a Managed Digital Fabric platform and promotes multiple sustainable IT services for customers. The lineup, according to the MSP, includes:

  • Power consumption monitoring and reporting: Logicalis helps clients keep a close eye on the power consumed by their devices.
  • Equipment refresh: Outdated equipment is replaced with more energy-efficient alternatives, contributing to overall power savings.
  • Responsible e-waste recycling: Logicalis provides responsible e-waste recycling options for its customers.

To earn Cisco's Sustainable Camus Access designation, Logicalis focused on such areas as optimizing customer hardware usage, minimizing energy consumption, leveraging telemetry for efficient product tracking and reporting, and ensuring effective disposal of end-of-use equipment, the MSP said.

In a prepared statement, Logicalis Global Chief Technology Officer Toby Alcock said: “We are thrilled to have achieved Cisco’s Sustainable Campus Access add-on specialisation, building on our established sustainable campus customer solutions. This achievement highlights Logicalis’s continuous efforts to push the sustainable agenda forward and our commitment to being an example for others in the tech industry. We look forward to continuing our work with Cisco to drive sustainability initiatives forward.”

Added Denise Lee, vice president of Cisco's engineering sustainability office: "Sustainability is core to the partnership between Logicalis and Cisco. This recognition of Logicalis' expanding capabilities in sustainability managed services highlights how they are adding purpose-driven business opportunities to their portfolio of solutions. We are thrilled to continue this partnership and for the impact yet to come."

Logicalis: Sustainable IT Services Strategy, Cisco Partnership Background

Logicalis has more than 7,000 employees and 10,000 customers worldwide. The IT service provider generated roughly $1.7 billion in revenue during fiscal year 2021. The company is a division of Datatec -- an international provider of ICT (information and communication technology) solutions and services.

Denise Lee, Cisco Systems
Denise Lee, VP, Cisco's engineering sustainability office

Meanwhile, Cisco launched its Environmental Sustainability Specialization for partners in early 2023. Fast forward to November 2023, and Logicalis holds that designation in 15 territories around the world. Around the same time, Logicalis emerged as Cisco's first Sustainability Partner of the Year.

Key Cisco-powered services that Logicalis offers includes:

  • Responsible recycling and repurposing of end-of-use equipment by customers such as GJames in Australia;
  • smart building solutions that maximize energy and resource efficiency for customers such as UKRI in the United Kingdom; and
  • Digital Fabric Platform that enables "customers to measure and reduce the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure."

Those bullet points surfaced in a press release from Cisco and the MSP.

Related: Cisco's sustainability strategy for partners and customers.

MSPs, Channel Partners and Sustainable IT Solutions

In many ways, Logicalis is ahead of the sustainable IT services curve at a time when many MSP partners remain laggards - -particularly in the united states.

Indeed, 55% of North America partners and 48% of Latin America partners are not yet tracking sustainability KPIs (key performance indicators), compared to 29% in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and 34% in APAC (Asia-Pacific), Canalys reported in 2023.

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