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Sustainability News for Technology Partners

Sustainability and Green IT News for Technology Partners: 31 July 2023

July 31, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Here is today’s sustainability news, research and analysis for technology partners, renewable energy and green IT companies, management consultants, CIOs, chief sustainability officers (CSOs) and c-suite members.

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A. Sustainable Technology, Talent, Partnerships and Alliances

1. Corporate ESG Reports: Our database of corporate sustainability reports now spans 256 companies. The latest additions include Altus Power, Canadian Solar, LG Electronics and real estate firm Stoneweg US.

2. Chief Sustainability Officers (CSO)s: Our database of chief sustainability officers now spans 295 CSOs. The latest addition is Stoneweg US Director of Sustainability Thomas Stanchak,

3. Generative AI Concerns: Given the high carbon emissions associated with generative AI trainings and queries, sustainable development and use of the technology should also be a high priority, Capgemini reported.

4. Automation and Industrial Decarbonization: Rockwell Automation has published a report – titled Five Key Operational Pathways to Accelerate Industrial Decarbonization – that looks at how the industrial sector can leverage data-driven technologies and insights to help accelerate the energy transition, the company said.

5. Tesla Solar Roof Review: Podcaster Marques Brownlee reviews his Tesla Solar Roof here.

6. Supply Chain Data Partnership: Several organizations -- including Ordnance Survey (OS), Esri UK, Deloitte, Planet Labs and Trase -- have formed the Supply Chain Data Partnership (SCDP). The goal: Build an independent monitoring system to give buyers reliable insight into supply chains and reduce emissions.

7. Rebrand: Schnitzer Steel has rebranded as Radius Recycling. The new name reflects how the company has "developed robust networks to collect, process and deliver recycled metals," according to this report.

8. Executive Leadership: Former Smart Wires CEO Peter Wells, a renewable energy expert, has joined cold chain shipping firm TemperPack as CEO.

9. Executive Leadership: Former Masonite Chief Sustainability Officer Clare Doyle has joined crop nutrient firm Verdesian Life Sciences as CEO.

10. Financial Services: Banks working to develop global standards on accounting for carbon emissions in bond or stock sale underwriting have voted to exclude most of these emissions from their own carbon footprint, Reuters reported.

B. Sustainability M&A, Investments and Funding

1. Fund: Energize Ventures, a venture firm that invests in climate-focused software, has raised $300 million for new growth equity funds and is changing its name to Energize Capital to reflect a broader investment strategy, Bloomberg reported.

2. All M&A Activity: Our M&A database has now tracked 113 mergers and acquisitions involving sustainability so far in 2023. See all M&A deals involving sustainability listed here.

C. Regional and Global Sustainability Policies and News

1. United States - New York Smart Buildings: The state has $18 million is available under the Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges for projects that offer advanced building technologies for clean heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, building envelopes, and controls. 

2. United States - Insurance Gaps: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the weather-related havoc playing out across the US is exposing a “protection gap” for Americans seeking insurance against property losses, Bloomberg reported.

3. G20: The Group of 20 (G20) major nations failed to agree on concrete targets to cut dangerous emissions, releasing only a statement that dismissed current measures to address climate change as "insufficient," Reuters reported. Members could not agree on depleting carbon budgets, historical emissions, net-zero goals and the issue of financing to support developing countries, Reuters said. The Indian meeting had been seen as a chance for the world's biggest polluters to take concrete steps ahead of a G20 leaders' meeting in September in New Delhi and the COP28 Summit in the United Arab Emirates in December, the report noted.

4. COP28: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company brought forward its net zero carbon emissions target by five years to 2045 as OPEC member the United Arab Emirates prepares to host COP28 in December, Reuters reported.

D. Sustainability and Green Technology Conference Calendar

  1. ASES Solar 2023 Conference (August 8-11, Boulder, Colorado)
  2. MEMA Sustainability Summit (August 15, Troy, Michigan)
  3. World ESG Summit 2023 (August 21-22, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  4. Google Cloud Next 2023 Partner and Customer Conference (August 29-21, San Francisco)
  5. Sustainability Live 2023 (September 6-7, London, United Kingdom)
  6. International Conference on Sustainable Development - ICSD 2023 (Rome, Italy)
  7. Complete Calendar of Sustainability Conferences

E. Previous Updates & Future News

1. Did You Miss Yesterday's Daily Update?: Here is our previous sustainability, green IT and renewable energy news for technology partners.

2. Future Updates: Send Us Your News Tips. Please email me the details.

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