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Telecom Services Sustainability

Charge Enterprises CEO Resigns Amid Shareholder Activist Pressure
Charge Enterprises announces CEO resignation after Arena Investors demands changes at electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure & telecom solutions company.
Frontier Communications Parent CEO Nick Jeffery
Lead Cables in Telecom Networks: Frontier Communications' CEO Statement
Lead cables represent a single-digit percentage of Frontier Communications' metallic cabling network, CEO Nick Jeffery said.
Lead Cables in Telecom Networks: Investigations, Cleanup Cost Estimates, News Timeline and Updates
Lead cables from telecom companies may pose toxic health risks. Updates involving AT&T, Verizon, potential liabilities, cleanup cost estimates & more.
Lumen Lead Cables: CFO Statements About Telecom Network
How much lead cable does Lumen Technologies' network contain? Lumen CFO Chris Stansbury answered that question during Q2 2023 earnings call.
AT&T Lead-Clad Cables FAQ: CEO John Stankey Statements About Telecom Network
AT&T CEO John Stankey describes how the telecom company is investigating media concerns about lead-clad cables in its network.
Verizon Lead Cables FAQ: CEO, CFO Statements About Telecom Network
How much lead cable does Verizon's network contain & what are the potential health risks & cleanup costs? Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg & CFO Tony Skiadas offer these perspectives.
Toxic Lead-Clad Telecom Cables: Are AT&T, Verizon Liable for Potential Network Cleanup, Alleged Health Risks?
Telecom network cables covered in toxic lead may pose health risks, Wall Street Journal alleges. Washington demands answers.
Handshake M&A Merger and Acquisition
ESG Partnership: EY Consulting, IBM Software Target Carbon Heavy Industries
EY consulting & IBM Software partner to assist customers with sustainability strategies in such carbon-heavy industries as civil infrastructure, telecom, energy, mobility & manufacturing.
Huawei Pitches Green ICT and Telecom Networks, But U.S. Sanctions Continue
Huawei data center team describes green network technologies during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 conference. Will ICT and telecom partners plug in?
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