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Huawei Pitches Green ICT and Telecom Networks, But U.S. Sanctions Continue

February 28, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Huawei's data center team pitched various green network technologies during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 conference. -- held in Barcelona. Target customers include ICT (information and communications technology) companies. But the message may face uphill challenges in the United States, which has essentially barred Huawei products amid China-related privacy and security concerns.

The new Huawei solutions are designed to assist ICT operators worldwide "in building simple, green and intelligent networks, according to Bob He (pictured above), president of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Product Line.

Huawei Low-Carbon Network Strategy Details

The Huawei pitch involves Site Power Low-Carbon Target Network -- which allow customers and partners to build networks with 'Intelligent Simplicity', 'Intelligent Green', and 'Intelligent Saving' capabilities, the company asserts. Among the details from Huawei:

  • Intelligent Simplicity involves 4G and 5G network deployments that can improve site energy efficiency (SEE) from 60% to 97%, the company asserts.
  • Intelligent Green involves "multi-energy intelligent scheduling" that can "lower the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) while increasing the proportion of green power used for sites," the firm asserted.
  • Intelligent Saving involves Lithium batteries, which serve as both backup power sources and energy storage systems (ESSs). The latest options offer 50% improvement in capacity over the previous-generation product, Huawei said.

Huawei, based in China, is a worldwide networking giant. But the company has faced sales pressures amid U.S. sanctions against Huawei. The U.S. under the Trump administration formally declared Huawei a national security threat in 2020 due to its connections to the Chinese government, The Hill reported.

ICT Networks, Telecom Services and Sustainability: Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia Strategies

Meanwhile, numerous network equipment providers have been overhauling their product portfolios and cloud services to further address sustainability and green priorities for ICT and telecom companies. Cisco's sustainability efforts extend back to at least 2008, according to a white paper published at that time for the Connected Urban Development Global Conference. Nokia and Ericsson, among many other rivals, have also made aggressive statements about their sustainability strategies.

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