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HP Renew Services: CEO Says Sustainability, Hardware Recycling Options Set to Expand

November 22, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Keep an eye on HP Renew solutions -- which include carbon neutral computing services, device recovery services, sanitization services, deinstallation services and recycling services.

HP Renew capabilities are available now in India, and will expand into additional markets during HP Inc.'s fiscal year 2024, according to CEO Enrique Lores.

During HP Inc.'s November 2023 earnings call with Wall Street analysts, Lores said: "As we innovate across our portfolio, we remain equally focused on our sustainable impact priorities. A great example is our recently announced HP Renew solutions. By enhancing our refurbishing capabilities, we are now able to extend the life of devices and drive peculiarity upscale. In addition to supporting our sustainability goals, this reduces total cost of ownership and create an accretive business. We have launched in India and we'll be expanding into other markets during fiscal year '24."

HP Partner Program, Sustainability Alignment

The HP Renew statement surfaced roughly one month after HP unified its global partner program and engaged distributors on sustainability. Indeed, the HP Amplify Impact Program -- which focuses on sustainability -- now supports distributors, as well as partners across 48 countries.

And in early October 2023, HP introduced a new Device Refurbishment Offering. Devices in the program undergo a "rigorous refurbishment process ranging from memory enhancements to storage expansions, tailored to individual preferences and requirements. The devices are then tested extensively and inspected to ensure optimal performance and reliability," the PC maker said.

Within its own business, HP is striving to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its value chain (i.e., Scope 3) by 2040, beginning with the supplies business achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, the company said in 2021.

PCs, Hardware and Sustainability: Rival Moves

Key rivals also have high-profile sustainability efforts under way. Examples include:

Meanwhile, HP's overall business remains under pressure. Revenues for Q4 of 2023 were $13.8 billion, down 6% from Q4 of 2022. Still, Lores believes new PCs with AI capabilities will boost PC market growth in 2024 and beyond.

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