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How UK Manufacturers Can Navigate Energy Cost Volatility and Net Zero Strategies
The big question from PwC: Why aren’t more manufacturers using smart tech to better understand their energy usage and drive decarbonization progress?
Can Telecom Services Tackle Energy Costs and Carbon Reduction?
Energy demand in the telecommunications sector continues to grow. Telcos need to tackle energy costs & decarbonization together, PwC asserts.
Corporate Sustainability Reporting: It's Time to Navigate the Complexity
Companies must develop a strategy that embeds sustainability risks and opportunities across the business, PwC UK's Rona Nairn asserts.
How to Prepare for CSRD: 5 Steps to Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Success
How businesses can prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by the January 1, 2024 deadline, according to PwC.
Collect, Store and Analyze ESG Data: Now Is the Time to Get the Technology Right
The challenge of collecting ESG data is only going to get bigger – not least because there’s a raft of new regulation coming down the track. It’s time to get technology on the task, say PwC’s Fiona Lehane and Kimberley Bradbury.
Next Gen Consumer. Gen Z and Gen Alpha
How Next Gen Consumers Are Reshaping Retail, Leisure and More
Next Gen consumers embrace different attitudes than age alone would suggest, according to PwC research. Here are the distinctions.
Nature Reporting Regulations: What's Next In the UK?
The UK Government has committed to halting and reversing global biodiversity loss and land degradation by 2030. Here's how sustainability reporting regulations could evolve, according to PwC's Rona Nairn.
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