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Top 10 Sustainability Conferences in October 2023

October 2, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Numerous sustainability, green IT and renewable energy conferences are scheduled for October 2023, according to our Global Sustainability Conference Calendar.

The key question: Where should technology partners, chief sustainability officers (CSOs), green IT experts, and ESG investors potentially focus their attention and travel budgets? Here are 10 (actually, make that 16) sustainability-related conferences and in-person events to note for October 2023. We've sorted them by date:

1. Net Zero USA 2023 (October 2-3, New York): The event typically attracts 250+ attendees and 60+ c-suite speakers. The invite, from event host Reuters, states: "Join leaders from business, government and finance to seize the unrivaled opportunity that the decarbonization corporate America presents, leading your business and industry in tackling the climate catastrophe and deliver a net zero future."

2. ESG Investment North America 2023 (October 2-3, New York): The event is expected to attract 300+ attendees and 50+ speakers. The event organizer, Reuters, describes ESG Investment North America 2023 this way: "Over two days, we’ll provide ESG visionaries and boardroom executives a toolkit to create value aligned and profitable investment portfolios. Practical strategy and insight on gathering robust ESG metrics, creating meaningful shareholder engagement, achieving net zero goals, unlocking emerging markets and investment opportunities that investors cannot afford to ignore if they want to mitigate risk and take advantage of unparalleled opportunity."

3. Sustainability Reporting USA (October 2-3, New York): The conference is expected to attract 300+ attendees and 60+ c-suite speakers. The event host, Reuters, describes the conference this way: "At Sustainability Reporting USA 2023 we will help you understand how to collect and manage high quality, consistent and accurate data, tackle scope 3 reporting, produce engaging and informative reports that meet national, and international regulations."

4. IATA World Sustainability Symposium 2023 (October 3-4, Madrid, Spain): The conference, hosted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), will focus on such topics as:

  1. The overall strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, including the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF)
  2. The crucial role of government and policy support
  3. Effective implementation of sustainability measures
  4. Financing the energy transition
  5. Measuring, tracking and reporting emissions
  6. Addressing non-CO2 emissions
  7. The significance of value chains

5. ClimateTech 2023: MIT Technology Review Conference (October 4-5, Cambridge, Massachusetts). The event, hosted by MIT Technology Review, explores innovations for a sustainable future.

6. ESG Africa Conference 2023 (October 4-5, South Africa): The 2022 event attracted 64 speakers, 257 on-site attendees and 97 virtual attendees, according to conference organizers.

7. Chicago Venture Summit (October 5, Chicago, Illinois): According to conference organizers, the summit will showcase Chicago as a leading global destination for climate tech and innovation in sustainability. The full-day summit will feature keynote speakers, fireside chats, and panel discussions, exclusively for an invite-only audience, with a focus on technology, innovation, and startup entrepreneurship.

8. Extrusion 2023 - Plastics Technology Event (October 10-12, Indianapolis, Indiana): The plastics technology event that will focus heavily on sustainability.

9. Sustainable Finance (October 10, London, England): The event is designed to help attendees finance sustainable cities.

10. Sustainable Brands 2023 (October 16-19, San Diego, California).

11. Sustainable Retail Summit 2023 (October 18-20, Copenhagen, Denmark).

12. The Political Economics of Environmental Sustainability Conference 2023 (October 23-24, Standford University, California). This conference will focus on the politics and the economics of environment problems and regulation.

13. VERGE 23 Climate Tech Event (October 24-26, San Jose, California): The climate technology event attracts leaders from business, government, solution providers and startups — to address the climate crisis.

14. Forum23 - The NAEM EHS and Sustainability Management Forum (October 24-27, Cleveland, Ohio): The forum is positioned asthe largest annual gathering for environment, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) decision-makers.

15. VDS2023 - the Valencia Digital Summit 2023 (October 26-27, Valencia): The summit aims to address the major social challenges faced by our society and explore the pivotal role of technology and innovation in shaping a brighter future.

16. Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit 2023 (October 30-31, London, United Kingdom): The event, Gartner says, is the "premier destination for supply chain planning leaders. Supply chain planning leaders face more challenges as network complexity, demand volatility, and supply disruptions show no signs of improvement. Now more than ever, these leaders are expected to drive sharper visibility, faster decision-making, and more sustainable business outcomes."

October 2023 Sustainability Conferences: What Did We Miss?

Did we overlook any key in-person sustainability conferences scheduled for October 2023? And which annual, in-person conferences are on your longer-term radar?

Please email me the details (conference name, organizer, city location, dates and registration page). And check our Global Sustainability Conference Calendar regularly for upcoming conferences in 2023, 2024 and beyond.

Note: Sorry, but our global event calendar does not list online events, Webcasts or virtual conferences.

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