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Sustainability and Green IT Services News

Sustainability and Green IT Services News for Technology Partners: 04 March 2024

March 4, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

Here is today’s sustainability news, research and analysis for technology partners; renewable energy and green IT service providers; management consultants; CIOs; chief sustainability officers (CSOs), c-suite members and climate accounting professionals.

A. Sustainable Technology, Talent, Partnerships and Green IT Alliances

1. IT Services and Automakers: Kyndryl inked an expanded, multi-year agreement with Stellantis to manage and operate various networking, data center support and local IT services support in Europe, North America and South America. The two companies will "keep collaborating to co-create and co-innovate solutions that enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, and sustainability in the automotive industry," the two companies said.

2. IT Services - Three Keys to Success: People, process and data are the three pillars of sustainable business transformation, according to Faith Taylor, global sustainability & ESG officer at Kyndryl.

3. Fleet Management - Electric Vehicle (EV) Transition Plans: Deloitte Canada has introduced Power to the Fleet -- a blueprint designed to help customers electrify their corporate vehicle fleets.

4. Remote Access Software and Carbon Reduction: TeamViewer has released a study describing how its remote access software reduces carbon emissions for customers.

5. Data Centers - Middle East: Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), an industrial company in the United Arab Emirates, is building Middle East data centers powered by renewable energy, Logistics Middle East reported.

6. Data Centers - Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): NTT has signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with TEPCO Energy Partner and Promedia. The deal allows NTT to power its Mitaka Data Center EAST with solar energy.

7. Branding: Siemens has launched Siemens EcoTech, a sustainability product label that "gives customers a comprehensive insight into product performance across selected environmental criteria."

8. Partnership - IT Infrastructure and Education: Ericsson and MTN Group are partnering to promote sustainability, digital skills, and education across Africa.

9. Partnership - Canada Battery Recycling: Call2Recycle and Greentec have signed an expanded agreement to increase Ontario’s battery sorting capacity.

10. Packaging: Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) has launched a packaging data management and reporting software solutions. The software will enhance North American consumer goods brands’ and retailers’ efforts in collecting, verifying, organizing, and reporting packaging data – as well as mining data for business intelligence, RLG said.

11. Research - WiFi: A new white paper, titled Sustainability in the Wi-Fi Industry, has surfaced from ABI Research and World Application Alliance (WAA) Green Energy Working Group.

12. Research - Home Energy Management Systems Market Forecast: The global home energy management system market will reach $17.81 billion by 2032 -- up from $ 3.30 billion in 2023, according to Astute Analytics. That's a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.6%.

13. Research - Green Data Center Market Growth Forecast: The market for Green Data Centers will reach $233.2 billion by 2027, up from $49.30 billion in 2020, MarketDigits predicted. That's a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24%.

14. MacBook Pro: Apple has expanded its Self Service Repair for MacBook Pro and iMac models powered by M3, the company said.

15. Executive Leadership - Consulting: S&P Global veteran Alan To has joined Climate Finance Asia as CEO, Eco-Business Reported. Climate Finance Asia is a sustainable finance consultancy.

16. Board of Directors - Energy Transition: Robert Bernard, CBRE’s chief sustainability officer, has joined Altus Power's board of directors.

B. Sustainability M&A, Investments, Funding and Green IT Business Launches

1. Funding - Geothermal Energy: Fervo Energy of Houston, Texas, has raised roughly $244 million in funding to develop carbon-free, geothermal technologies. Key investors include Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Devon Energy Corporation, Marunouchi Innovation Partners (MIP) and others.

2. Funding - Sustainable Fuel: Southwest Airlines has launched Southwest Airlines Renewable Ventures (SARV) -- a subsidiary is dedicated to obtaining sustainable aviation fuel. Amid the launch, SARV will also invest $30 million in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) technology provider and producer LanzaJet Inc.

3. M&A - AI: Groq has acquired Definitive Intelligence. The Definitive Intelligence team has "already been working closely with Groq to build GroqCloud, a new developer playground with fully integrated documentation, code samples, and self-serve access.

4. M&A - Data Centers: Mitsubishi paid $200 million to acquire 65% of two data centers that are under construction in Dallas, Texas. Digital Realty, which has a 35% stake in the projects, will operate both sites. Each partner will "fund its pro rata share of the remaining $100 million estimated development cost for the first phase of the project, which is slated for completion and commencement in late 2024." Alas, the companies did not say if the data centers will leverage renewable energy.

5. M&A - Richer Valuation: Private equity firm Thoma Bravo will now pay $1.8 billion to acquire Everbridge, up from the original purchase price of $1.5 billion. Everbridge develops national public warning solutions for mass notifications, IT incident management, travel risk management, physical security and more. Everbridge's SaaS-based software also has ESG (environmental, social and governance) use cases.'

6. M&A - Heat Pump Services: Strabag Property and Facility Services of Germany has acquired Triburuzek Group of Austria. The acquired business which specializes in heat pump and heating system deployments.

. Complete M&A List: Here's our database of all M&A deals involving sustainability, green IT and renewable energy buyers, sellers and investors.

C. Regional and Global Sustainability Policies and News

1. COP29 - Climate Finance Meeting: The United Arab Emirates will bring together country representatives and leaders from global financial institutions at a special meeting in June 2024 in a bid to scale up finance commitments at the COP29 climate talks, Bloomberg report.

2. United States Climate Policy: As John Kerry prepares to depart as President Joe Biden's special envoy on climate change on March 6, 2024, he leaves the United States in a stronger position in global climate diplomacy despite lingering mistrust on the world stage over American's climate policy intentions, Reuters reported.

3. United States - Greenwashing Allegations: New York state has launched legal action against Brazilian meat processing giant JBS over allegations of environmental claims that deceive customers, GlobaData reported.

4. United Kingdom - Wind Farm Fine: UK energy regulator Ofgem ordered Dorenell Windfarm -- a wind farm in Scotland -- to pay £5.53 million for breaching energy market rules, Bloomberg reported.

5. Europe - Pension Fund Policy: ABP, Europe's biggest pension fund, is tightening its investment criteria to focus more on ESG data.

6. European Union - Fossil Fuel Reparations: The European Union is set to call for the fossil fuel industry to help pay for fighting climate change in poorer countries under a United Nations target, a draft document shows, as nations prepare for talks this year on a global finance goal, Reuters reported.

D. Sustainability and Green Technology Conference Calendar

  1. Sustainability Week 2024 Conference (March 4-6, London, United Kingdom)
  2. Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) 2024 (March 4-6, Washington)
  3. Green Schools Conference (GSC) 2024 (March 5-7, Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  4. WEAF Annual Expo and Conference 2024 (March 6, Gloucestershire, South West England)
  5. Sustainability Live: Net Zero 2024 (March 6-7, London, United Kingdom)
  6. Complete Calendar of Sustainability Conferences

E. Previous Updates & Future News

  1. Did You Miss Yesterday's Daily Update?: Here is our previous sustainability, green IT and renewable energy news for technology partners.
  2. Future Updates: If you have news to share then please email me the details.
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