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Deloitte Builds SaaS Application for Enterprise Decarbonization

March 9, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Deloitte has launched GreenLight Solution by Deloitte, a SaaS-based application that assists enterprise customers with their decarbonization journeys, the global IT consulting and services firm said.

The SaaS application is built on CortexAI — Deloitte's artificial intelligence (AI) platform for data management and analytics. The initial GreenLight Solution supports:

  • 150,000 emissions factors and 200 real-world tested emissions abatement projects involving maritime and air travel, and steel manufacturing, Deloitte said.
  • Insight into the potential financial impacts associated with different climate action initiatives, including access to resources from a global credits and incentives hub covering 16,000 programs in 70 countries that can help identify tax credits and incentives by category, solution or geography, Deloitte noted.

Deloitte did not announce pricing for the SaaS application.

GreenLight Solution by Deloitte: Perspectives from Sustainability Executives

In a prepared statement about the SaaS application, John Mennel, sustainability strategy leader and managing director, Deloitte Consulting, said: "Many business leaders around the world are feeling the impacts of climate change on their organizations and are working to set ambitious sustainability targets, but they need comprehensive, validated data and insights to take concrete steps toward decarbonization. Even as economic and technological factors change, this solution can enable companies to build a complete picture of their roadmap, understand how to prioritize projects based on economics and time horizons, and update that view continuously as real-world conditions change." 

Added Jennifer Steinmann, Deloitte's global sustainability & climate practice leader: "Organizations are grappling with an overwhelming amount of data as they develop their decarbonization strategies. By leveraging cutting-edge climate technology, leaders are able to view a clear picture of their roadmap to achieving their net-zero targets, gain previously untapped insights required to make informed investment decisions, and ultimately make tangible progress to accelerate their sustainability journeys."

Concluded Dilip Krishna, Deloitte global sustainability & climate chief technology officer: "One of the biggest issues business leaders face is sourcing and finding the fit-for-purpose technologies that can support their specific decarbonization needs. As a true enterprise solution for decarbonization, GreenLight Solution is grounded in real world project experience and built on a vision to combine technology, Deloitte services, and an ecosystem of alliances. It is uniquely positioned to tackle this challenge and help our clients feel confident in their ability to take concrete steps to move from strategy to action." 

:More Sustainability Developments and Partnerships

Deloitte has been very active on the sustainability front. For instance, the company recently:

  • Unveiled GreenSpace Tech, an initiative spearheaded by entrepreneurs and climate specialists to scale climate technology solutions, the company said.
  • Joined the AT&T Connected Climate Initiative (CCI), which promotes connectivity-based solutions in a bid to “reduce greenhouse emissions by 1 gigaton by 2035,” the companies said.
  • Added a “sustainable delivery” clause – known as Clause Zero – in customer engagement letters and contracts starting in 2023, the global IT consulting firm said.
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