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CES 2024 News: 26 Sustainability, Circular Economy, Green Technology and Renewable Energy Updates

January 15, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

CES 2024, the massive Consumer Electronics Show, has wrapped up in Las Vegas. Take a closer look, and you'll notice that CES 2024 included a Sustainability track. Moreover, multiple technology companies have announced sustainability news throughout the conference.

Here's a timeline tracking and recapping all of the sustainability developments at the show:

29. Conference Wrap-Up: Conference organizers noted multiple sustainability-focused solutions in conference wrap-up statement. Key companies mentioned included 3M, Caterpillar, Doosan, Goodyear, Jackery, John Deere, HD Hyundai, Kubota, Midbar, Nasdaq, Panasonic, Siemens and SK Group.

28. IoT Home Solutions: Tuya Smart unveiled a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and Net Zero Solutions.

27. Google Solar Device:  Ambient Photonics and Google plan to launch a solar-powered device featuring Ambient’s bifacial solar cell technology, the companies said at CES.

26. Consumer Technology Circular Initiative (CTCI): The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has launched the Consumer Technology Circularity Initiative (CTCI), an industry effort designed to "reduce waste, encourage more reuse, enhance recycling, reduce climate impact, and see less disposal of consumer electronics," the organization said. Founding members include Lenovo, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony Electronics.

25. Building Energy Management - Partnership: Honeywell and NXP Semiconductors are partnering to "help optimize the way commercial buildings sense and securely control energy consumption," the two companies said.

24. Digital Buildings: Honeywell and Analog Devices (ADI) are partnering to explore the digitization of commercial buildings. Their goal is to deploy digital connectivity technologies without replacing existing wiring -- which will help reduce cost, waste, and downtime, the two companies said.

23. Panasonic has focused its conference efforts on three opportunities: Sustainable Energy, Circular Economy, and Resource Optimization, the consumer electronics company said. 

22. Energy Management: Bosch Technologies is pitching multiple electromobility, heat pump and digitization services to help consumers use energy more sustainability.

21. Smart Home as a Service: OliverIQ has launched a Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) platform to help customers control and automate "today's most popular smart home devices," the company said.

20. Solar Developments: Jackery will debut the Solar Generator Mars Bot and the Jackery Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent.

19. Carbon Labels on Retail Products: Dutch startup GreenSwapp will demonstrate how its product carbon tracker works with electronic shelf labels and Point Of Sale (POS) systems, The Spoon reported.

18. In-Door Solar: Ambient Photonics will showcase low-light, indoor solar cell technology at the conference. Key financial backers include Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund -- which is designed to "help Amazon and others reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040." Ambient Photonics raised $30 million in Series A2 funding in September 2023.

17. Panasonic Developments: The consumer electronics company will demonstrate how it is "leveraging sustainable energy solutions and circular economy initiatives designed to optimize the use of natural resources."

16. Sustainable Accessories: Targus will unveil "eco-friendly" laptop case collection made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Launching in Q1 2024, the new Coastline Backpack is priced at $89.99 and the Coastline Briefcase at $69.99 SRP.

15. CES - South Korea Innovations:  Jeollanam-do Province, part of South Korea, will showcase sustainable solutions from multiple organizations and companies. The lineup will include:

  • BK Energy's floating rotation solar power system.
  • Nuri Flex Co. solutions to measure household energy, water and gas consumption.
  • Low Carbon Co. Ltd. solutions for producing blue hydrogen.
  • PARU Printed Electronics solutions for eco-friendly, high-efficiency energy components.
  • TDL Co. for all-solid-state battery manufacturing.
  • IT Convergence Co. technologies for AI-based crop image recognition, measurement, diagnosis, and pest diagnosis.
  • IoT Plus Korea Co. solutions that involve microgrid power control-related technology and renewable energy.
  • Kalsun Co.'s building-integrated solar power generation system.

14. EV Charging and Microgrids: Star Charge will unveil its vision for an electrified world, powered by diverse charging and microgrid innovations, the company said.

13. Energy Storage: ADATA will promote various green storage products manufactured from recycled materials. 

12. Net Zero Technologies: SK Group, an energy-to-telecom conglomerate based in South Korea, will showcase various net-zero technologies CES 2024. An SK Group pavilion will feature electric vehicle batteries, urban air mobility solutions, small modular reactors and more, according to The Korea Times.

 11. EV Motorcycle Launch: Horwin America at CES 2024 is preparing the U.S. launch of its SENMENTI series of EV motorcycles.

10. Electric Vehicles & E-Bikes: VinFast Auto will introduce a new EV concept and mini eSUV VF 3 model at the conference. VinVast will also introduce DrgnFly electric bikes, the company said.

LG Electronics unveils its smart home Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent at CES 2024.
LG unveils its smart home Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent at CES 2024.

9. Home AI Robot: LG Electronics will unveil a smart home Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent at CES 2024. LG's smart home robot can "move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations." The robot's built-in camera, speaker and various sensors can gather real-time environmental data, including temperature, humidity and indoor air quality, LG said.  Additionally, it can help conserve energy by connecting with a smart outlet and turning off unused devices throughout the house, LG noted.

8. EV Efficiency: Valeo will demonstrate green mobility updates at the conference. For instance, a new software solution will be able to "predict and drive the most efficient thermal management strategies" for electric vehicles, the company said.

7. Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries: POEN will tout remanufactured EV batteries -- which "rival new units in performance and reliability, at less than one-third the cost of new units," the company asserts.

6. Mitsubishi Electric: The company will emphasize its Circular Digital Engineering strategy at the event.

5. Panasonic: The company will emphasize its Green Impact strategy.

4. Agriculture: Updates include...

  • John Deere will tout its operations center sustainability tools -- which provide farmers with visibility into key aspects of their operations, including carbon emissions, soil health, and fuel emissions. Meanwhile,
  • Bobcat will preview a concept machine that is "designed to make farming more sustainable, efficient and smart through AI, autonomy and electric operation," the company said.

3. Sustainability Track: This track will occur January 11, 2024. The sessions will include:

2. Looking Back: At CES 2023, fully 29 companies received 35 Innovation Awards for their tech contributions to sustainability. 

1. More Updates: Got COP28 news to share? Please email me the details.

Blog originally published on December 19, 2023. Updated regularly thereafter.

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