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Sustainability in Manufacturing: Top 3 Challenges and Net-Zero Hurdles

September 20, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Manufacturing companies face multiple challenges in their quest to address sustainability and net-zero goals, according to survey results from Fictiv and Dimensional Research.

Key sustainability challenges in the manufacturing sector involve lack of:

  • Control over sustainability standards in their supply chain (mentioned by 54% of respondents);
  • funding (mentioned by 36% of respondents); and
  • knowledge to create a concrete sustainability plan (nearly 33%).

Still, sustainability in manufacturing is increasingly important to industry leaders, according to 87% of survey participants. Among the key areas of investment:

  • 60% are investing in technology to drive operational efficiency;
  • 55% say improving manufacturing and supply chain visibility is a top priority;
  • Roughly 50% are prioritizing sustainable packaging, materials, and/or energy solutions; and
  • 40% are increasing investment in sustainability data tracking and analytics.

Not by coincidence, Fictiv is eager to assist companies with their supply chains. The company specializes in custom manufacturing -- which helps customers to more efficiently source and manage custom-manufactured parts.

Fictiv, founded in 2013, is based in San Francisco. The company raised $100 million in Series E funding in May 2022. Activate Capital, which "supports entrepreneurs in pursuit of a sustainable future," led the round.

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2 comments on “Sustainability in Manufacturing: Top 3 Challenges and Net-Zero Hurdles”

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