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Siemens Managed Services Support EV Charging Infrastructure, EV Fleet Management

May 6, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

Siemens has launched various managed services to assist customers with EV (electric vehicle) charging networks, infrastructure and corporate EV fleet management. Key partners include Geotab, a provider of fleet management performance data.

The Siemens capabilities, known as Depot360 Managed Services and Depot360 Charging as a Service, are rolling out in North America (United States, Canada) and Europe (Germany, France, UK, Sweden and Norway).

Faisal Kazi, CEO, Siemens Canada

The managed services surface at a key time for the EV charging, infrastructure and fleet management markets.

The Depot360 Managed Services "optimize charging and fleet infrastructure operations to maximize fleet performance, lower energy costs, reduce cost-per-kilometer and meet sustainability goals," the company said.

The managed services leverage homegrown software called the Depot360 AI Platform. Approximately half of the employees developing this software are based in Canada, Siemens said.

The managed services will also help customers to manage energy costs with load-shifting (charging at off-peak, less expensive hours), and peak-shaving (schedule-based load management) capabilities, Siemens Canada said. Longer term, the company plans to launch DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) capabilities -- which allow customers to essentially sell the power they produce to wholesale markets, Siemens Canada added.

Meanwhile, Siemens positions Depot360 CaaS as a "one-stop-shop for fleet electrification." The service spans consulting, depot design, construction, commissioning, EV charging equipment, software and ongoing maintenance. The service involves multiple subscription fees and no upfront payments.

The latest Depot360 rollout, in Canada, initially involves logistics vehicles, municipal transit and private bus fleets within depot, warehouse, and terminal facilities, the company said.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Networks and Infrastructure: Market Trends

The managed services arrive at a key time for Siemens and the overall EV charging network market.

The global EV charging station market will reach $12.1 billion by 2030, up from $7.3 billion in 2024, according to Markets and Markets. That's an 8.8% compound announce growth rate (CAGR), the forecast predicted.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk described Supercharger network priority shift in April 2024.

Still, the market faces multiple hurdles. Worldwide demand for EVs and associated charging stations continues to grow -- but at a much at much slower pace than previous years. Moreover, some EV charger networks have suffered from reliability and quality issues.

Tesla's Supercharger network has emerged as a de facto standard in North America, but the company in April 2024 cut hundreds of Supercharger network employees. At the time, CEO Elon Musk offered this context via X: "Tesla still plans to grow the Supercharger network, just at a slower pace for new locations and more focus on 100% uptime and expansion of existing locations."

Rival charing networks such as ChargePoint also have had layoffs in 2024.

Managed Services and EV Charging Networks: Executive Perspectives

Amid those industry speed bumps, Siemens is striving to help improve the overall user experience for EV charging networks.

In a prepared statement about the managed services and Canadian expansion, Siemens Canada CEO Faisal Kazi said: "The electrification of transportation is complex and requires a growing system of partners to tackle this enormous challenge. Siemens is committed to helping Canadian customers manage and simplify their fleet electrification with innovative solutions, including locally-developed software."

Eric Mallia, VP of sustainability solutions, Geotab

Geotab Sustainability Alliance, a group of solution and service providers, will assist Siemens Canada with the various services.

In a prepared statement about the relationship, Geotab VP of Sustainability Solutions Eric Mallia said: "We are thrilled to work with Siemens towards our shared goal of derisking the scaling of EV infrastructure for fleets. Together with Geotab's leading EV telematics capability, Siemens Depot360 will help ensure that vehicles are properly charged when needed, while also optimizing charging schedules to minimize costs and carbon emissions."

As of September 30, 2023, Siemens Canada had approximately 4,200 employees. The company's annual revenues are roughly CAD $2 billion.

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