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M&A: Sustainability Consultancy ERM Acquires Salesforce, Oracle Partners

March 4, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

ERM, which positions itself as the world's largest sustainability consultancy, has acquired The Big Middle and The Big Zero -- two enterprise systems integrators that partner closely with Salesforce, Oracle and WalkMe. Financial terms for the acquisitions were not disclosed.

These are M&A deals number 109 and 110 that Sustainable Tech Partner has covered so far in 2024. See all M&A deals involving sustainability, climate tech and green IT services listed here.

ERM's Sustainability Consulting Business

Thomas Achhorner, global head of digital products and data analytics, ERM

ERM, based in London, United Kingdom, had more than 8,000 employees across more than 150 offices in 40 countries and territories as of March 2024. ERM helps customers to develop sustainable products and supply chains that ultimately align with sustainable economy strategies. The company advises on:

  • Corporate sustainability and climate change
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Capital project delivery
  • Low carbon economy transitions
  • Operational performance
  • EHS management and compliance
  • Liability portfolio management and remediation
  • Safety services
  • Digital services
  • Product stewardship

Acquiring Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, AI and Workflow Automation Expertise

ERM's latest two acquisitions -- involving The Big Zero and The Big Middle -- are sister companies in Australia. The firms provide various Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, Oracle, and WalkMe workflow automation and AI (artificial intelligence) expertise.

The Big Zero, founded in 2022, is based in Adelaide, South Australia. The technology service provider specializes in Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and ESG accounting systems to help customers track and meet sustainability objectives. The Big Zero supports customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The Big Middle, founded in 2021, also is based in Adelaide, South Australia. The company's expertise spans Salesforce, Oracle and WalkMe business practices.

Andrew McAdams, CEO, The Big Zero and The Big Middle

The Big Zero and The Big Middle are sister companies. Andrew McAdams, CEO of both businesses, now shifts to partner at ERM. McAdams is a seasoned entrepreneur who has long focused on enterprise applications. He previously co-launched PrimeQ -- an Oracle-focused consultancy that Accenture acquired in 2018.

More recently he has focused on Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, which can integrate and track data involving customers' Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions, energy use and waste and water management from multiple sources, the cloud software giant asserts.

ERM partnered with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud ahead of these acquisitions.

ERM Acquires Salesforce and Oracle Partners: Executive Perspectives

In a prepared statement about the acquisitions, Thomas Achhorner, global head of digital products and data analytics at ERM, said: “Through the acquisition of The Big Zero, we can enable clients to better track and integrate environmental data seamlessly into their organization, encompassing Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions, energy usage, as well as waste and water management from various sources.”

Matthew Klein, global corporate sustainability & climate change co-head, ERM

Added Matthew Klein, global corporate sustainability & climate change co-head at ERM: “Combining ERM’s decarbonization strategy development and delivery expertise with The Big Zero and The Big Middle’s wealth of system implementation experience, we can further support organizations in delivering comprehensive plans that will help them to drive their sustainability goals at scale.”

Concluded Andrew McAdams, CEO of The Big Middle and The Big Zero: “We are pleased to join ERM and bring our expertise to a company with tremendous purpose. We look forward to extending our technology capabilities to a broader market while continuing the focus on sustainability.”

ERM: Extensive M&A Expertise

ERM has been an active buyer in the sustainability and ESG software consulting market. Earlier deals involve Nint and Coho in 2023.

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