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ZYZYGY Embraces Centreon IT Monitoring Software for Observability, Sustainability Initiatives

May 20, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

ZYZYGY, an IT services company and custom software developer focused on sustainability, has deployed Centreon's IT monitoring platform to assist customer engagements across the United States and Latin America markets, the two companies said.

The deployment is notable for multiple reasons. First, most MSPs (managed IT service providers) in North America have yet to announce or activate sustainability-related IT services. Second, most MSP software providers in North America have yet to pinpoint and promote sustainability-related use cases for RMM (remote monitoring and management) applications. And third, the ZYZYGY-Centreon relationship blurs the lines between managed IT services and energy consumption management.

ZYZYGY and Centreon Partnership: Business Backgrounds

ZYZYGY, based in Chicago, focuses on enterprise architecture solutions. The IT service provider, founded in 2018, emphasizes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) across its business. Key areas of expertise include enterprise architecture, cloud, observability, DevOps, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The overall business strategy involves sustainable software development lifecycles, ZYZYGY asserts.

Edgardo Promenzio, CEO, ZYZYGY

Centreon, based in Paris, France, develops performance monitoring software for infrastructure, networks and digital user experiences. Centreon unveiled an MSP Partner Program in March 2024.

Centreon has roughly 160 employees and is growing approximately 30% per year, the company says. In some ways, the company may be an emerging rival to entrenched MSP software providers such as ConnectWise, Kaseya, N-able and NinjaOne.

Unlike many of those larger MSP software providers, Centreon regularly explains how to align IT operations with sustainability strategies, while also reducing energy waste from IT operations.

Why ZYZYGY Leverages Centreon's IT Monitoring Software

Deploying Centreon's software will allow ZYZYGY to "provide observability and promote sustainably for state-of-the-art enterprise architecture solutions," the two companies said.

In a prepared statement, ZYZYGY CEO Edgardo Promenzio said: “Joining Centreon’s global partner network marks a significant milestone for ZYZYGY. This strategic alliance enriches our CSR and observability practice toolkits and supports our mission to deliver digital transformation quickly and efficiently. Centreon’s solution depth will play a critical role in building flexible observability strategies, gaining visibility into IT and business performance, and improving the speed of problem detection, self-correction, and incident mitigation.”

Marc Antoine Hostier
Marc-Antoine Hostier, COO, Centreon

Added Centreon Chief Operating Officer Marc-Antoine Hostier: “We have a strong alignment of values with our newest partner in the U.S., ZYZYGY. Our IT monitoring platform is designed to enable our partners to support their customers’ IT and business performance, build efficient operations, improve productivity and create value for their customers. More importantly, our solution is used to ensure that IT is running effectively and responsibly by providing insightful reports that show how resources and energy consumption can be optimized."

Channel Partners, MSPs and Sustainable IT Services

Meanwhile, the sustainable IT services conversation remains a work in progress worldwide. And the challenges are even steeper in the United States, where the green IT services conversation often suffers from political infighting, and legal filings that challenge emerging regulations.

On the upside, roughly 50% of partners worldwide said that they expect to generate revenue from sustainability solutions in 2024 – up three percentage points from 47% in 2023, according to research firm Canalys.

Additional Canalys research suggests channel partners are addressing sustainability at differing rates across Europe, North America and other regions. Anecdotal evidence suggests a small (but growing) number of MSPs offer sustainable IT services in the United States, while also developing net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions strategies for their own businesses.

Sustainability Guidance for MSPs: How can IT departments and MSPs align their technology initiatives with overall sustainability strategies? Some clues and guidance emerged in this Green IT Playbook -- developed by Rackspace Technology and Smart Columbus, in partnership with the Green IT Working Group.

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