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AgroAmerica Chief Sustainability Officer Javier Aguirre: 3 Things to Know

January 26, 2024 by Joe Panettieri

AgroAmerica has promoted Javier Aguirre to corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer (CSO). He previously held a director-level title.

Here are three things to know about Aguirre's experience, and AgroAmerica's sustainability strategy.

1. Business Scope and Scale: AgroAmerica, founded in 1958, is based in Guatemala. The company specializes in food and food ingredients. Key focus areas include bananas, pineapples, tropical oil, food raw materials, logistics and transportation.

AgroAmerica released its ninth-annual sustainability report in July 2023. Still, we don't have a feel for the company's target net-zero carbon emissions deadline.

2. Javier Aguirre's Experience and Responsibilities: Aguirre joined AgroAmerica in September 2016 as corporate compliance officer. He shifted to corporate director in 2019. During his time with the company, Aguirre led development and execution of the current sustainability strategy, corporate policies, and compliance initiatives, AgroAmerica noted.

On the academic front, Aguirre earned a master's degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University in New York.

Looking ahead, he will focus on "the seamless integration of Sustainability with AgroAmerica's business strategy," the company said.

Fernando Bolanos, CEO, AgroAmerica

3. Executive Perspectives: In a prepared statement, AgroAmerica CEO Fernando Bolaños said: "In recent years, Javier Aguirre has been a key driver in advancing our sustainability initiatives. With this transition to his new role, we hold high expectations for what we will achieve. His strategic vision, combined with a deep understanding of our business, will play a fundamental role in shaping the future of AgroAmerica as a global leader in Sustainability."

AgroAmerica Chief Sustainability Officer: Why Technology Partners Should Care

By 2027, 25% of Global 2000 companies will have assigned a chief sustainability officer (CSO) responsible for meeting their organization’s ESG goals and making ESG-related IT purchasing decisions, according to IDC.

The bottom line: Technology partners need to extend their sales, marketing, engagement and support strategies to successfully fulfill those CSO customer needs, Sustainable Tech Partner believes.

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