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Sustainability News for Technology Partners: 19 May 2023

May 19, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Here is today’s sustainability news, research and analysis for technology partners, management consultants, CIOs, chief sustainability officers (CSOs) and c-suite members.

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A. Sustainable Technology, Talent, Partnerships and Alliances

1. New Corporate Sustainability Reports: Our database tracking corporate sustainability reports and associated net-zero goals now spans 132 companies and organizations. Today's additions include Clarivate and Enbridge.

2. Sustainable Technology Partner Programs: Our database tracking sustainable technology partner programs now spans 84 companies and organizations. The latest additions to the database include smart building technology provider BrainBox AI, smart home energy firm Emporia, and distributed energy resource management (DERM) platform provider Virtual Peaker.

3. Partnership - Industrial Software & Analytics: TrendMiner, a Software AG company, and Siemens AG are partnering to help industrial companies achieve digital transformation and sustainability goals.

4. Partnership - Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERM): National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) and Virtual Peaker have partnered to promote distributed energy resource (DER) management solutions for electric vehicles, smart thermostats and more.

5. Partnership - Digital Advertising: PubMatic and SeenThis are partnering to deliver "faster, better-quality digital advertising while minimizing carbon emissions," the two companies said.

6. Partnership - Electric Vehicle Charging Systems: EnergyHub and Emporia are partnering to provide utility customers with a "faster charging system that saves money and is compatible with all EV makes and models," the two companies said.

7. Talent - Circular Economy Logistics: Onepak has hired Tim Barton as a strategic advisor. Onepak develops ReturnCenter, a circular economy and reverse logistics platform that integrates with ServiceNow. Barton founded Freightquote in 1998 and transformed it into the largest online freight brokerage, before selling it to a Fortune 200 company in 2015. More recently, he founded Edison Factory, a firm that creates and invests in startups focused on solving complex global problems.

8. ESG Consulting - Part I: Global corporate finance firm Clearwater International has launched a bespoke ESG Advisory service designed to "improve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and company valuations in the mid-market," the consulting firm said.

9. ESG Consulting - Part II: Mid-tier accountancy firm, Menzies LLP, has extended its business advisory service offering to include Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy development. Richard Singleton is leading the effort.

10. ESG Consulting - Part III: AFRY has launched a sustainability consulting unit. The unit will be co-led by Helena Mueller and Tiina Kähö.

11. Net-Zero Doubter: The likelihood of the world reaching net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 is remote, Exxon said in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission communication, OilPrice.com reported.

B. Sustainability M&A, Funding and Investments

1. Funding Trends: Global venture capital funding for clean energy startups jumped to $12.3 billion in 2022, up from $1.9 billion in 2019, propelled by investment in battery technology and new government subsidy promotions in the United States and Europe, Reuters reported.

2. Funding: Mitiga Solutions has raised €13M in Series A funding to further develops a software platform that can "predict and prevent natural hazards from becoming disasters." Key investors include Kibo Ventures, Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, Nationwide Ventures, Faber Ventures, and CREAS Impacto. 

3. M&A - Smart Buildings: BrainBox AI has acquired ABB’s multi-site retail (MSR) energy management system integrator business. The acquisition will help BrainBox AI to decarbonize retailers. ABB's installed base spans more than 12,000 retail locations.

4. M&A Strategy: Inverness Graham, a Philadelphia based buyout firm has launched a Green Light investment strategy. Green Light targets "pragmatic, returns-driven investments in Environmental Sustainability, focusing on high-growth, technology-enabled lower middle market businesses that are benefiting from accelerating demand for decarbonization and more environmentally sustainable solutions across industries." Key investments include Custom Agronomics and Concord Servicing.

C. Regional and Global Sustainability News

1. Research - Smart Grids and Carbon Neutrality: Smart Grids, a new report from KPMG, analyzes how smart grid technology strategies across three markets -- China, the UK and the US.

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