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Seco Tools Names VP of Sustainability and EHS: 5 Things to Know

September 11, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

 Seco Tools, which develops machine industry tools. has named Head of Sustainability Maria Blomqvist (pictured, top of page) to VP of sustainability and EHS. Blomqvist is now a member of the Seco Management Group. She continues to report to President Stefan Steenstrup.

Here are five things to know about Blomqvist and the Seco Tools sustainability strategy.

1. Business Scope and Scale: The company, based in Fagersta, Sweden, develops metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, hole-making and tooling systems. Seco, founded in 1960, has roughly 4,100 employees across 75 countries. The firm's business roots stretch back to the formation of Fagersta Bruks AB in 1873.

2. Sustainability Goals: Seco is striving to be 90% circular by 2030 and carbon-neutral by 2050.  The company originally wanted to halve emissions in operations by 2030 -- but achieved that goals eight years ahead of schedule by purchasing green electricity and renewable energy certificates. Seco's overall sustainability strategy is outlined here.

3. Maria Blomqvist's Expertise and Experience: Maria Blomqvist has extensive experience in and around the ESG and sustainability markets. She joined the compny in 2012 as environmental compliance specialist. Her next roles included:

  • Manager of global EHS (2018)
  • Head of sustainability and EHS (2018-2023)
Stefan Streenstrup, president, Seco Tools

4. Executive Perspectives: In a prepared statement, Seco President Stefan Streenstrup said: “Sustainability is a top priority at Seco internally but is also increasingly important for our customers. Bringing Sustainability into the Management Team is a logical step to ensure that we always have a sustainability perspective on all topics."

5. Added Blomqvist: "Together with my team of highly qualified experts, we will work hard to make sure that Seco will be recognized as a leader in our industry when it comes to sustainability."

Seco Tools Sustainability Strategy: Why Technology Partners Should Care

By 2027, 25% of Global 2000 companies will have assigned a chief sustainability officer (CSO) responsible for meeting their organization’s ESG goals and making ESG-related IT purchasing decisions, according to IDC.

Technology partners need to extend their sales, marketing, engagement and support strategies to successfully fulfill those CSO needs, Sustainable Tech Partner believes.

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