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SCDP Group Seeks to Document, Monitor, Reduce Global Supply Chain Emissions

August 2, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Multiple companies and sustainability organizations have formed the Supply Chain Data Partnership (SCDP). The SCDP's goal: "Reduce sustainability risks and build trust in global supply chains through independent verification of the location and environmental impact of individual assets," organizers said.

Initial SCDP participants include Ordnance Survey (OS), Esri UK, Deloitte, Planet Labs and Trase. The group is seeking to solve the end-to-end supply chain visibility challenge. Indeed nearly two-thirds of upstream Scope 3 emissions in supply chains come from suppliers that companies don’t deal with directly, Accenture research found. And those Scope 3 emissions are 11.4x greater than all other emissions combined, the global IT consulting firm said.

The SCDP, according to organizers:

  • Combines satellite and location data to build and maintain an international registry of certified supply chain assets such as mills, refineries, transport terminals, and processing plants.
  • This transparent, independent monitoring system "will meet global registry standards and the data will be available to validate asset owners’ sustainable credentials and give buyers reliable insight into supply chains to make informed investment choices," members said.
  • Ultimately the SCDP will "help reduce the emissions, biodiversity loss, and environmental impact of supply chains, and enable green finance to flow where it is needed most," the group asserts.

As of July 31, 2023, the SCDP website described the effort as a "proof of concept" initiative. We'll be watching for next moves and potential milestones.

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