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Are We All Oppenheimer?

July 27, 2023 by Joe Panettieri

Can a single atom bomb set off an atmospheric chain reaction that spreads worldwide and destroys the entire planet? That high-drama plot-point from Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer biopic was a very real concern during the Manhattan Project.

Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer

Fast forward to present day. Another type of chain reaction has put the world on notice. Indeed, July 2023 is set to become the world’s hottest month on record, as fossil fuel emissions drive climate change and heightened heat waves across the Northern Hemisphere, Bloomberg asserts.

Instead of a single atom bomb triggering an atmospheric chain reaction that destroys humanity, we are all guilty of creating millions of mini-bombs -- planes, trains, automobiles, and plenty more -- that are raising carbon levels and cooking us in the process.

Still, Mentore Ventures -- our parent company -- did not launch Sustainable Tech Partner to put capitalists, the fossil fuel industry or the world on notice.

As founder of this site and the business behind it, I'm a capitalist. And in the middle of this climate crisis I also see plenty of opportunity for our readers -- technology partners that deliver green IT and renewable energy solutions.

Indeed, our mission as a news and research organization is to "empower technology partners & their customers to achieve & maintain their sustainability goals." If technology partners succeed in that journey, they will surely profit while helping to change the world for the better.

Putting Green IT and Energy Efficiency in Context

Even if you don't believe in climate change. Even if you doubt the scientists. Even if you think ESG (environmental, social and governance) should not be part of an investment thesis. Even if you think capitalism and free enterprise should march forward without green regulations...

... Even if you believe all that, wouldn't it be wise for technology partners to help CEOs, CIOs and customers to reduce their power consumption within and across buildings, data centers and all company infrastructure?

Even if you can stand the heat, you might be left sitting in the dark. Why? Without improved energy efficiency coupled with accelerated renewable energy deployments -- wind, solar, hydro and bio -- the United States electric grid runs the risk of collapsing. The latest proof point: PJM Interconnection LLC has declared a level one emergency for the 13-state eastern US grid and called on all power plants to operate at full capacity on July 27, 2023, during a heat wave, Bloomberg reported.

Burning Concerns

As I write this blog...

The actual J. Robert Oppenheimer
  1. Phoenix's record-breaking summer of heat continues as the city has recorded temperatures above 110 degrees for 25 consecutive days, extending a national record among large U.S. cities. Source: USA Today.
  2. Greece is fighting almost 200 wildfires as strengthening winds put a sting in the tail of the Mediterranean’s recent heat wave. Source: Bloomberg.
  3. New York City and the Northeast are in for their hottest day of the year as oppressive temperatures descend on the eastern and central US, affecting about half the country’s population. Source: Bloomberg.

Yes, the movie Oppenheimer reminded us that the nuclear threat remains real. That risk haunted J. Robert Oppenheimer for his remaining years. Fast forward to our time -- the here and now -- and we should all be haunted by another existential threat. The climate fire is real. We're all responsible.

Marching Toward Net-Zero: Technology Partners Must Play A Leading Role

Some pundits say we can innovate our way out of the climate-change mess. But that's only part of the solution. Together, we'll need to harness strategic plans, real investments, coordinated execution, and plenty of discipline.

Fingers crossed, technology partners will do their part and rise to the occasion. The time is now for technology partners to recommend, deploy, manage and monitor green IT and renewable energy solutions.

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