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ACE Alternatives, ImpactNexus Promote ESG Services for Financial Fund Managers

April 19, 2023 by Joe Panettieri
Albrecht von Sydow, head of ESG, ACE Alternatives

ACE Alternatives and ImpactNexus have partnered to provide financial fund managers with a “more agile, accountable, and transparent managed services platform to drive their sustainability agenda," the two companies said.

ACE, founded in 2021, is based in Berlin, Germany. The company offers managed services to Alternative Investment funds. Ace had 10 employees on LinkedIn as of April 2023.

ImpactNexus also was founded in 2021 and is also based in Berlin. The company develops SaaS-based sustainability management software that helps venture capital and private equity investors to manage their ESG and impact performance of their portfolios, whilst also complying with reporting requirements such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), ImpactNexus said.

Jannic Horne, CEO, ImpactNexus

The combined ACE-ImpactNexus offering "focuses on creating actionable benefits for companies, helping them integrate ESG as a key value driver in business and through an AI-based database ensuring that no opportunity is left on the table," the companies said.

In a prepared statement about the relationship, Albrecht von Sydow, head of ESG for ACE Alternatives, said: "ImpactNexus is perfectly tailored to the entire lifecycle needs of fund managers regarding all things ESG. And the team behind the product are so quick on their feet in adapting to the changing regulatory environment that I feel very confident that we'll always be able to serve our customers extraordinarily well, whatever the authorities may throw at us."

Added Jannic Horne, CEO of ImpactNexus: "Creating high-impact innovation needs focus especially at a time where the Alternative Investment industry undergoes a rapid and disruptive transformation by both the digital and ESG revolution. We are happy to partner with ACE Alternatives to reduce the distraction and add value for investors and their investees alike through innovative ESG management."

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