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Climate Risk Management: Don't Overlook Geospacial Data
Climate risks will always be a reality, but businesses now have the tools they need to monitor and predict problems and build plans for addressing them, Capgemini asserts.
SEC Climate Disclosure Rule: Why U.S. Companies Need to Think Beyond the Legal Debates
The SEC’s climate disclosure rule is just one piece of a broader movement to increase transparency of climate risks across the enterprise. Capgemini explains how to prepare now.
Generative AI and Sustainable Investing: How to Find Synergies
Here's how to leverage generative AI in sustainable investing, and how to minimize related generative AI challenges, according to Capgemini's Sreeram Yegappan.
Circular Economy Business Strategies: Five Factors for Success
Achieving a circular economy within and across your business requires focus on these five areas, Capgemini asserts.
How Governments Use Information Technology (IT) To Shrink Their Carbon Footprints
The public sector has a mandate to lead on sustainability, and this includes their IT footprint. How can governments achieve digital growth while cutting carbon emissions? Capgemini offers guidance.
Why Hydrogen is the Future of Automotive Fuel
Hydrogen’s fuel capability position it for commercial transportation systems such as trains, heavy earth movers and ships, Capgemini asserts.
Eline Lincklaen Arriens Capgemini
European Green Deal: Can Open Data Maturity Assist the Effort?
Open data -- which anyone can access, use and share, free of charge -- may help the European Green Deal reach its goals. Capgemini explains why.
SEC Climate Disclosure Regulations and Sustainability
SEC Climate Disclosure Policy: How to Manage the Challenges
Capgemini worked with the Wharton School’s Venture Lab to investigate the impact of the SEC’s climate-disclosure policy on organizations. Here are key takeaways.
Sustainable Mobility Explained: What's Next for the Automobile Industry
What does maximum sustainability look like in the automobile industry? What fuel and propulsion methods should you use? Capgemini explores those and other questions.
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