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Green Hydrogen Certification: Where Does Blockchain Fit In?
Green Hydrogen, leveraging blockchain for a tamper-free certification process, can become an acceptable source of sustainable green energy.
Can Businesses Adopt Sustainable Ecommerce Practices at Scale?
With the rising number of online retailers, there’s an urgent need for sustainable practices as CO2 emissions are forecast to reach 25 million metric tons due to logistics alone
Understanding GreenOps, FinOps, And Sustainable Cloud Services: The Path Forward
How organizations can leverage GreenOps, FinOps, cloud services and other steps toward sustainability, according to Forrester Research.
Climate Risk Management: Don't Overlook Geospacial Data
Climate risks will always be a reality, but businesses now have the tools they need to monitor and predict problems and build plans for addressing them, Capgemini asserts.
How UK Manufacturers Can Navigate Energy Cost Volatility and Net Zero Strategies
The big question from PwC: Why aren’t more manufacturers using smart tech to better understand their energy usage and drive decarbonization progress?
Technology's Role in ESG Reporting and Assurance
How is technology evolving ESG reporting, audit, assurance and the way assurers work? KPMG offers these perspectives.
Sustainable Engineering Explained: Examples and Trends to Note
What are the key trends involving sustainable engineering? HCLTech's Mousume Roy offers examples spanning green IT services, energy, supply chains and more.
What Is the Blue Economy? Challenges and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Opportunities Explained
Artificial intelligence (AI) applications may protect and enhance the Blue Economy -- spanning industries related to oceans, seas and coasts, Cognizant asserts.
How Climate Change, COVID and Supply Chain Shocks Fuel Location Intelligence Investments
The State Of Location Intelligence, a Forrester report, explains how weather crises, human-made conflicts & and the pandemic drive LI investments.
SEC Climate Disclosure Rule: Why U.S. Companies Need to Think Beyond the Legal Debates
The SEC’s climate disclosure rule is just one piece of a broader movement to increase transparency of climate risks across the enterprise. Capgemini explains how to prepare now.
Can You Explain the Real Business Value of Sustainability?
Sustainability must evolve into "business as usual" for companies in a way that enables profit and purposeful sustainability to co-exist, CGI's Audrey Pineau asserts.
Can Telecom Services Tackle Energy Costs and Carbon Reduction?
Energy demand in the telecommunications sector continues to grow. Telcos need to tackle energy costs & decarbonization together, PwC asserts.
Towards Sustainable AI: Improving the Environmental Profile of Generative Models 
As generative AI models become more complex and larger in scale, it is crucial that efforts are made to minimize their environmental impact. Here is some guidance.
HCLTech Research: Green IT Solutions, Services Will Play Major Role in Decarbonization
Green IT solutions and services will play a major role in sustainability strategies, most HCLTech research participants assert.
Name Livesey, Cognizant
Business Sustainability: Next Steps And 7 Signs of Success
Here are seven signals of a sustainable organization & three changes for executives to consider, according to Cognizant.
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