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Power Utility Innovations: How Energy Generation, Transmission and Customer Experience Can Evolve
These forward-thinking utilities are working to overcome key challenges across the energy value chain. CGI explains how.
Ethical AI Strategies: 5 Proper Principles for Artificial Intelligence Models
To ensure artificial intelligence (AI) is ethical & has lasting positive impact on the society, here are five key principles that AI models should follow, according to Infosys.
10 Sustainability Moves (And the Next-Gen Technologies Involved)
Here are 10 sustainable actions, and next-gen technologies, that can help to protect the world's natural resources, according to HCLTech.
Sustainability at Speed and Scale Requires the Right Data and Technology
To achieve speed & scale, sustainability strategies require the right technologies and data sets, according to Cognizant's Philip Smith.
Sustainability, Green Technology and Climate Awareness: 4 Types of Consumers Emerge
Environmental sustainability emerges as a financial & regulatory obligation that businesses can't ignore. In fact, it's an unprecedented business opportunity, Forrester Research asserts.
Circular Economy Business Strategies: Five Factors for Success
Achieving a circular economy within and across your business requires focus on these five areas, Capgemini asserts.
Corporate Sustainability Reporting: It's Time to Navigate the Complexity
Companies must develop a strategy that embeds sustainability risks and opportunities across the business, PwC UK's Rona Nairn asserts.
How To Use Digital Twins for Infrastructure Innovations
For every $1 spent on digital twin projects, governments can gain a $9 return on investment, research suggests. KPMG explains how.
Circular Supply Chains: Business Opportunities, Benefits and Common Challenges Explained
How can your business join the circular economy & build a sustainable supply chain? Infosys lead consultant Manish Mahatma offers this guidance.
Three Sustainable Options for a Green Business Future
How FinOps, Circular Economy and Green Blockchain services can boost sustainable business strategies, according to technology consulting firm HCLTech.
Sustainability for Canadian Businesses: 5 Steps for Chief Sustainability Officers and CXOs
Canadian businesses will face sustainability regulations in 2024. Here's how banks, insurance companies & financial institutions can prepare to disclose ESG data & climate-related risks.
The State Of IT Environmental Sustainability, 2023
IT leaders play a critical role in the corporate environmental sustainability agenda. Forrester Research explains why.
How Governments Use Information Technology (IT) To Shrink Their Carbon Footprints
The public sector has a mandate to lead on sustainability, and this includes their IT footprint. How can governments achieve digital growth while cutting carbon emissions? Capgemini offers guidance.
What Is the Business Value of Sustainability? (Explore Game Theory for Answers)
Here are 5 CGI recommendations based on the game-theoretic principle to help advance your sustainability journey while ensuring growth & profit.
How to Prepare for CSRD: 5 Steps to Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Success
How businesses can prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by the January 1, 2024 deadline, according to PwC.
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