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How To Use Digital Twins for Infrastructure Innovations
For every $1 spent on digital twin projects, governments can gain a $9 return on investment, research suggests. KPMG explains how.
How Can Companies Sustain Sustainability?
For sustainability to succeed, we need to adopt a triple bottom-line that involves economic, social & environmental outcomes, KPMG's Niven Huang asserts.
Understanding Sustainable Value Chain Strategies for Growth
I’m often asked if it is possible to make value chains environmentally and socially sustainable. Yes: Business use cases for sustainable value chains are gaining ground across the world, KPMG asserts.
Blockchain: A Technology Solution for Scope 3 Emissions Data Reporting?
The use of blockchain to gather and report on Scope 3 emissions is an emerging sustainability & carbon accounting trend. KPMG explains why.
ESG Strategies for Insurance Companies: Sustainable Product Alignment and Investment Portfolio Guidance
Why should insurance companies invest in ESG product alignment? KPMG provides these insights & tips for ESG product alignment strategies.
Asia Pacific ESG and Sustainability Reporting: It's Time for Standardization
It's time for the highest levels of an organization to operationalize ESG and sustainability reporting, KPMG's Niven Huang asserts.
Chris Brown KPMG
Aviation Decarbonization: Challenges and Opportunities Explained
Aviation needs new technologies, policy incentives & behavioral change to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, KPMG's Christopher Brown predicts.
Magnifying glass pixabay
High-Quality ESG Reporting Requires High-Quality Assurance
ESG reporting needs scrutiny, rigor & a trusted auditor to address capital markets and public interests, according to KPMG's Mike Shannon.
ESG Guidance: Move From Risk to Value Creation
Without a healthy world, there is no sustainable business. KPMG's Jane Lawrie explains the ESG path forward.
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