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How Climate Change, COVID and Supply Chain Shocks Fuel Location Intelligence Investments
The State Of Location Intelligence, a Forrester report, explains how weather crises, human-made conflicts & and the pandemic drive LI investments.
ESG Data and Analytics Market: Changes to Note
Selecting an ESG data and analytics provider — or providers — is a significant investment of time and resources that can have an outsized impact on your organization’s results, Forrester Research asserts.
Sustainability, Green Technology and Climate Awareness: 4 Types of Consumers Emerge
Environmental sustainability emerges as a financial & regulatory obligation that businesses can't ignore. In fact, it's an unprecedented business opportunity, Forrester Research asserts.
The State Of IT Environmental Sustainability, 2023
IT leaders play a critical role in the corporate environmental sustainability agenda. Forrester Research explains why.
Heat Reuse In Data Centers: Requirements and Regulations Coming?
Heat reuse can be a great indicator of a thermo-optimized data center. Regulations will play a critical role in data center design in upcoming regions, Forrester Research asserts.
What is the State of IT Environmental Sustainability and IT Carbon Emissions in 2023?
IT leaders play a critical role in corporate sustainability agendas, including decisions about data centers, cloud adoption, enterprise architecture sustainability, end-user-device decarbonization, services & environmental monitoring software, Forrester Research explains.
Keys to Succeeding as a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
Urgency to act isn't enough. Success for chief sustainability officers (CSOs), their teams and their employers requires a clear plan. Forrester's Michael Barnes explains the path forward.
Standards vs Frameworks For Environmental Sustainability: Don’t Confuse The Two
Frameworks and standards not interchangeable. They support different goals, are geared to distinct audiences, and have specific purposes that make them complimentary. Forrester's Alla Valente explains more.
Practice Responsible Design: It’s A Matter Of Trust
The design and usage of technologies affect larger societal, political, and environmental structures. Forrester's Aurelie L'Hostis explains why.
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